Business Benefits of Using SharePoint Online

4 years ago
SharePoint Online

Business owners of today want to use the tools that can enhance the productivity and keep them engaged. SharePoint is a popular collaboration tool that has constantly evolved and expanded and helps to leverage in collaboration and communication effectively. Way back, it was launched as an application for managing the documents, but slowly it has transformed into a records management alongside portals and web content.

Today, Microsoft has made a shift in its SharePoint platform and has moved into the cloud with the SharePoint online version. There are a lot of benefits and advantages of this new cloud SharePoint and here in this blog, we will highlight some of the advantages:

What is SharePoint online?

SharePoint online is a cloud platform that provides an extensive range of collaborative and creative capabilities that enable the organizations to access, manage and share their information from any device. It helps in collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers and allows the groups to set up a secured and centralized space for document sharing, downloading and editing.

How can you use SharePoint online?

SharePoint online is used for successful collaborative working. It helps to create, upload and also edit the files from your desktop and use your favorite browser or any mobile device. It helps to collaborate in real time and easily share the documents with anyone and work together using any familiar Office app. Not only this, it also helps to control sharing, offline sync, storage and device access.

How can SharePoint Online help you company?

By adopting SharePoint Online, you can

Improve data management:

Data management and protection has become the biggest concern in business today. Any loss of data is non-negotiable and it also has legal and compliance implications. SharePoint Online helps to grant the external user access and share the sites, folders and also the individual documents with anyone that has a Microsoft Account linked to their corporate email address.

It is cloud based:

Another biggest advantage of SharePoint Online is that it is based on the cloud.  This means that it can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime and all you need is the web browser. This is useful for access on the mobile devices.

By using the cloud, it is meant that it grows as you do and it also reduces the likelihood of loss or even damage to your data as you don’t have to rely on any physical server to store all your information that could be physically damaged. SharePoint Online also helps to stay updated and receive any new features first.

It is a centralized hub:

Microsoft SharePoint Online facilitates the centralization of the resources by putting everything in an easy to access location and employees don’t need to go to search here and there for what they need, manager can oversee everything and also ensure processes that are streamlined. As an effective collaboration tool, SharePoint Online saves a lot of your time and effort.

OneDrive makes storage simple:

With OneDrive for your business, you can now say goodbye to the local storage and this allows you to save and also sync the files to SharePoint Online especially while uploading to the cloud. OneDrive reduces the requirement for local storage space and ensures that you can access the documents from anywhere and you need and to eliminate the risk of saving something on the desktop and then not gaining any access to it.

SharePoint development from specialists:

Implementing SharePoint is a huge and exhaustive task and if you try to attempt to do it yourself, then you will need that expertise. We, at IDS Logic have been working with SharePoint Online for many projects and have successfully delivered them solutions. We can help you to maximize everything that SharePoint Online offers and execute the process properly.