Comparison Between Two Top Ecommerce Platforms

Magento Vs Shopify: A comparison of the two top ecommerce platforms

Choosing the best ecommerce platform can be a challenging task. But today we have thousands of options before us and one is better than the other. But to make your e-store highly profitable for you, it is important to pick the platform that meets your initial needs. Having a tough time to choose between Shopify and Magento? Here is our guide that offers a complete comparison between the two, which will highlight the differences and help you decide the best platform for your business. Magento Vs Shopify:  Understanding the Difference In general, many small online stores are inclined towards Shopify.
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Ecommerce Mobile App

How Magento Supports the Development of an Ecommerce Mobile App

While travelling a few weeks back, a techno magazine column caught my attention, which stated the need to create a mobile app for ecommerce business. Though I am not a techie nerd, but I loved to read the write-up as it stated some tips about why one should use Magento to reach out to the mobile audience. It stated that the flexible features of Magento are simply great for the developers to create mobile applications. Ecommerce business owners are aware that Magento development is the engine of ecommerce website platforms and it powers most of the online stores. And that.
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How Magento New Release Can Help You to Secure Your Online Store

How Magento New Release Can Help You to Secure Your Online Store?

Ecommerce websites are always very attractive targets to the cyber criminals because the stores use features that are related to personal information and payment options that are needed to complete the sales. Even if the system doesn’t carry the process credit card transactions, the site may reroute the customers to a false web page or even alter the sales order before it moves to the payment processor. What have You Preferred to Use as Your eCommerce Platform? There are many eCommerce platforms that help to create websites for your online business store. But remember that a compromised site can have.
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How to Prepare Your Magento Ecommerce Store for This Holiday Season

How to Prepare Your Magento Ecommerce Store for This Holiday Season?

Online shoppers relentlessly wait for the holiday season when online stores offer various discounts and other benefits. With the holiday season approaching, it is time to prepare your Magento store for the huge traffic spike. It is true that the holiday season presents a great opportunity to reach out to the consumers online and a slightest mistake can take this grand opportunity away from you. So what is it that you should do to make the most out of the season? Why does the holiday season see a steep rise in online sales? Holidays are always meant for relaxation and.
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Why Magento for B2B eCommerce?

There is a great change in the way shoppers purchase things today. A lot of people prefer to choose online shopping and so B2B companies are highly focusing on creating eCommerce stores for a seamless shopping experience. B2B eCommerce has a complex means to carry our business deals as they are rather complicated due to large ordering processes.  To keep the business work seamlessly and smoothly, a strong and well-constructed back-end and front end system is a must. Did you know that about 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online? In today’s competitive marketplace, buyers prefer an easy and.
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