How to Build a Successful Landing Page in Magento 2

2 years ago
How to Build a Successful Landing Page in Magento 2

Magento is a robust, secure, and scalable eCommerce platform that is powering numerous websites with its amazing features and functionality. That’s why Magento development has become a highly popular option amongst the retailers who are shifting their brick-and-mortar store online. Not only this will extend their business outreach, but will also multiply their sales revenue.

Getting maximum conversion for your Magento store will not be that simple due to the surge in competition level. One of the best ways to fulfill this purpose is to create an effective landing page for your store. This page is useful in driving traffic towards the specific products and services that you are targeting in your marketing campaign.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page that is designed particularly for a marketing campaign to capture potential leads for your business. That’s why it is referred to as the “lead capture page”.

In simple words, it is a page that targets specific product/service and contains a form to capture information of the visitors. Unlike regular webpages that are full of links and other elements, it is free from distractions.

Important Elements of a Magento Landing Page Design

While designing the structure of the Magento landing page, there are certain elements that you should include in it. Let’s take a look at them:

A-Catchy Headline

Think of an attractive headline for your landing page. If it is interesting, then only the visitors will scroll down to read more information present in it.

B-Clear CTA

Create an effective call-to-action button that compels the visitors to initiate an action like subscribe, signup, or purchase.

C-Captivating Visuals or Videos

Adding visuals or videos related to your products and services is the best way to gain the attention of your prospects and keeping them engaged.

D-Mobile Friendly

While designing a landing page for your Magento store, you need to ensure that it should responsive and optimized for mobile devices to drive a positive user experience.

E-Lead Capture Form

Try not to ask too much information from the visitors in your form as it can intimidate them. You can ask the basic details like contact information, company name, designation etc.

Top Benefits of Magento 2 Landing Page for Your Business

With a visually appealing Magento 2 landing page design, a business can enjoy a host of benefits that is discussed below:

A-Boosts Conversion Rate

The main purpose for creating a landing page for your Magento store is to entice visitors to take an action (subscribe or signup). With an alluring page design, you can convince them to buy your products and services. Thus, driving a higher conversion rate.

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B-Gathers Customer’s Data

Whenever the customers will visit your landing page, they’ll surely leave their information behind such as contact number, email id, and lots more in the form that you’ve included in it. These valuable insights will be useful in understanding their needs, and serve them in a better way to attain higher satisfaction rate.

C-Creates Brand Awareness

To promote your products and services amongst your target audience, investing in a landing page is a smart decision. They will understand your product and services in a proper way, which will improve the credibility of your brand.

Hire Professionals to Create an Enticing Magento 2 Landing Page

Building an appealing Magento 2 landing page that actually converts demand expertise. You can look for the reputed Magento 2 development company in UK to delegate this task. They have relevant tools and resources to handle this task with an efficacy.