Ecommerce Hacks That Will Quickly Boost the Conversion Rate in 2019

5 years ago
Optimize Conversion Rate of eCommerce Site

Did you know that your eCommerce site is just one in the sea of about 47 billion websites on the web? The eCommerce industry has observed an amazing growth over the past few years and it is predicted to generate a global revenue count of $4.88 trillion by the year 2021.

Websites like yours will have to try to get both the product and the content in front of the right people and to get them engaged or buy. Out of these eCommerce sites, only a few million experience a high conversion rate.

Why is this so? The reality is that you cannot wait for sales conversions to happen. You have to optimize them and this is not just about driving more traffic, it is about getting more sales from your targeted traffic.  So, whether you are just starting your eCommerce store or you already have an established business, you need to know the techniques to boost your eCommerce conversion rate.

Check the speed of your eCommerce store:

The speed of an eCommerce websites is crucial for its conversion rate. Most customers lose their interest if the site takes more than two seconds to load. A delay in a single second can result in reduced conversions and for an eCommerce site, it is very important to generate a regular revenue.

To increase the site’s speed, you can use a lot of tools that help to optimize the images. You have to ensure that all your visuals are well optimized.

Get people talking:

Live chat is another most important point that should be considered to boost the conversion rate and also increase the revenue of the company. Customer often like the live chat option as it is very user friendly and often gives quick solutions to their queries.

Generally, the customers may get confused with thousands of products and services at their feet. So, a little guidance and quick answers to their questions can help to improve the conversion rate and ultimately the sales.

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Make eCommerce website navigation simple and easy:

If you ever entered a brick and mortar retail store with products strewn about haphazardly, you would surely walk out of the store. Same is with the eCommerce store. If your visitors are unable to find the products that they are actually looking for, then they might get irritated and leave the site.

To solve this issue, use a navigation bar at the top of the screen, so that the visitors are able to venture to the product category page that they are looking for. Optimizing the site’s search functionality will also ensure the visitors that they are offered with the most relevant item related to their search keyword.

Go responsive:

This means that your eCommerce development store will respond automatically to any device that the visitor is using. If this is done accurately, then it will help you to capture a wider market and will also enhance the user experience by reducing the need to resize, scroll and etc. All the pages should load quickly so that the visitors are able to do what they want from their mobile.

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Create a fast and simple checkout and payment process

Offer a simple checkout option to make your store ideas and let your users know about the process. Simplifying the payment and the checkout process should be on high priority.

To avoid losing the potential clients and to increase the conversion rates, you need to have a fast and uncomplicated checkout process with a few steps. With an optimized process, shoppers will feel comfortable and satisfied after their purchase.