How Apple & Android Affects Mobile App Development?

2 years ago
How Android and ios Affects Mobile App Development

There is a neck-to-neck competition between Apple and Android to build the top quality mobile phones. Both have an impressive customer base in the market. This is because of their extraordinary features and functionality that drives an ultimate user experience throughout.

Apple and Android are making constant upgrades and changes to their devices that have an impact on the mobile app development. It is important for the experts to maintain a constant pace with them, and implement them effectively during the development process.

Whether you’re planning for iOS app development or Android development, you need to keep a close tab on the latest changes in these two platforms.

Now, let’s take a closer look on how Apple and Android impacts mobile app development:

1. Apple & Android are Market Giants

If you do a close survey in your network about the mobile phone brands that they’re using, you will mostly find Apple and Android. This is because both are popular brands that users trust the most these days.

They are known for their superior quality and performance. Even a slight change in the development platform by these companies can make a significant impact on the mobile app development.

2.Deployment of Latest Technologies

Apple and Android are supporting the concept of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). These two advanced technologies have taken the user experience to the next level. And, the apps that are built using these two have gained immense popularity amongst the users.

If you are a developer, then it is an absolute must to know how to build an AR compatible app for the businesses.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades are vital to ensure the smooth and flawless performance of the mobile app. As soon as iOS and Android platform rolls out the latest updates, all the iOS app developers and Android developers need to ensure that their apps should comply with these changes, and runs without any disruption.

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They are advised to keep a close check on these platforms to get timely information on the latest updates. So, they can implement those upgrades, and attain a competitive edge in the app marketplace.

If you’re thinking of custom iOS app development or Android development, you need to ensure that you’ve prior knowledge of these platform to the core. This will prove effective during the app development process, and aids in delivering the excellent results.