How to Keep Your Umbraco CMS Website Functional Always

3 years ago
How to Keep Your Umbraco CMS Website Functional Always

Your website is the gateway to your business and so it needs constant care and upkeep. Though there are various standard best practices to maintain your website, you still need to know about important tips that can help you run your business website at its absolute best.  If you have an Umbraco CMS website, then you can offer intuitive editing experience to the content creators, create unique custom features for your business.

Umbraco CMS development is a leading open source ASP.NET software that can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of website needs. The CMS is favored by non-technical editors because once it is implemented by using Umbraco best practices, it is easy to edit the site’s content. even the Umbraco website looks great and they are very easy to maintain and it also offers intuitive editing experience to the content editors.

Run Your Umbraco Website on the Latest Version:

One of the biggest advantages of Umbraco is its strong ecosystem of the open source community which includes more than about 200,000 active members and also organizations offering professional supports and tools. The software is regularly updated with latest trends and with every release there comes new awesome features. that’s why you should always ensure that your website runs on the latest version of Umbraco.

Add the Umbraco Packages:

If you want to run your Umbraco website more efficiently then you can avail different packages by the Umbraco and its community. You can easily take advantage of more than 320 free packages and choose from various categories like CRM, security, SEO and etc. but one thing that you should always ensure is that the packages you use should be compatible with your version of Umbraco. In case you are using the open source format, then to make your website rich and more functional. You can add the professional tools and get Umbraco maintenance and support from commercial and professional organizations.

Conduct Regular SEO Audits:

It is very important to optimise your Umbraco website and to do this you need to hire Umbraco developers or avail a Umbraco support and maintenance plan so that you can have a consistent schedule of check ins by suing the SEO tools to watch the rankings, overall website performance, check for page errors and etc. the SEO tools will help you to keep an eye on page titles, broken pages, broken internal links, tags, schema and etc. if you keep a regular eye on these items then you can offer great user experience and also increase the change of enhancing your website.

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Run the Scripts to Check Your Forms: 

There may be chances that you have forms or calls to action on your site that need the user to put in information to show that they are actually interested in your services or products. The forms, like any other functionality of the site can break or simply not work the way they should. Proper maintenance can lead to missing purchase or lead to a terrible user and brand experience. If your users dont receive important information about your services then they will not respond and this will also cause bad reviews.

Separate the Data files from Umbraco CMS Development Website:

It is very important for you to separate your data files that contain information about the videos, images and configuration from the files that is needed for your site to run. In this case, you can move your site anywhere you want and your data will not be affected and you will also be able to access it from various locations. This will also reduce all your worries about the files and any data lost.

Keep Data Synced Across Environments:

If you need to run your Umbraco CMS website in multiple environments, then it is important to keep changes to the data in sync.  Keeping the data in sync. Keep the data in sync as you will have to go to every environment and copy the changes every time. to increase productivity, all these functionalities can be handled by Umbraco Deploy.