Must Avoid these Mistakes While Migrating from Drupal to WordPress?

4 months ago
Drupal to WordPress

Making a shift from Drupal to WordPress is not easy. Here is what to avoid with Drupal to WordPress conversion.

Shifting from a legacy CMS like Drupal is necessary. However, the shift requires services from prominent eCommerce web development service providers. Switching to WordPress is a lot beneficial to business owing to a plethora of advantages.

WordPress is intuitive, user-friendly and everything else that a user would like a CMS or content management system to be. It adds to the experience of the visitors browsing through a website.

WordPress migration is not only about going from point A to point B. It is making sure that your website is functioning well. That includes identifying if your website is running smoothly, your integrations are functioning well, and your search engine ranking has not shaken after the migration.

Any misstep during migration can result in broken links, data breaches and several other negative impacts on your website. Therefore, it is important to have the right knowledge and services from skilled professionals to ensure process success.

The most crucial mistakes that professionals must avoid with Drupal to WordPress conversion

Insufficient Migration Plan while Drupal to WordPress conversion

It is a complicated process to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. You need to take down the website for some time till migration is completed successfully. Failing to plan consistently for this downtime can have many negative impacts on the website.

Here are the steps to perform prior to planning this migration.

  • Back up all the website data. This keeps the data safe in case migration fails.
  • Migrate when the site registers low traffic and has fewer operations to run.

Not Planning SEO Strategies

The most common drawback of WordPress conversion from Drupal is broken meta tags and unresponsive URL structures, loss of ranking, and other such crucial SEO mistakes.

Following the below-written steps would ensure that mistakes can be avoided during the migration.

Not Emphasising on Mobile Optimisation

Google ranks websites that are mobile-friendly or responsive in nature. Failing to create a responsive website can have a negative impact on the brand and on the business as well.

Ensuring WordPress migration services would ensure users are not facing any prevailing issues while migration is going on. Keep your users happy with these pointers.

  • Make sure testing on multiple mobile devices ensures the text is readable, buttons are clickable, and the navigation is smooth.
  • Use WordPress themes that are mobile-friendly in nature. It promises a consistent experience to the users.

Inconsistent Content Mapping Strategy

Content mapping ensures organising and transferring of different types of content from one platform to another. This step guarantees content lands in the right place while Drupal to WordPress migration happens.

Ensuring the success of content mapping matters as it adds to the user experience. However, committing this mistake would risk transferring the content to unidentified locations, which can be problematic for everyone (users and developers).

In order to avoid these mistakes, ensure:

  • Auditing the Drupal content to identify content types, custom fields, and categories. Ensure cleaning up all the outdated content.
  • Mapping a structure from Drupal element to WordPress. For instance, “Article” from a Drupal site may correspond as “Post” in WordPress.

Failing to Test

Post-migration testing is as critical as eCommerce development services for any website. Not testing the website before going live would mean you do not have any information about broken links, the website’s speed, and what impression the migrated site has on the users.

Therefore, website testing must be ensured in the following categories:

  • The functionality of buttons, CTAs, forms, and every other website element.
  • Content of the new website and the related links along with finding out if the website is performing well or not.

Not paying Attention to Security Measures

Drupal to WordPress Conversion if not happened successfully can lead to serious vulnerabilities like lack of HTTPS and data corruption. Fortunately, WordPress offers adequate security measures in the form of robust plugins to ensure Drupal to WordPress migration is successful without mistakes.

Follow these steps to ensure post-migration success:

  • Changing all the default passwords with new and better combinations.
  • Enabling HTTPS and updating the core software after migration.

How IDS Logic can help with Drupal to WordPress Migration

While above-explained practices are just the tip of the iceberg, a number of other considerations must be kept in mind while hiring Drupal to WordPress Migration services.

This asks for assistance from a service provider who is skilled in providing similar services.

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