How to Maximise Your Product Visibility with OpenCart Ecommerce Platform

4 years ago
How to Maximise Your Product Visibility with OpenCart Ecommerce Platform

Moving from a traditional store to a digital store has become easier for business owners with the help of ecommerce platforms like OpenCart. Ecommerce platforms help them to enhance the functionality of their stores by installing some add-ons that complete their requirements like upsell and cross sell, newsletter subscription and many more.

In traditional shopping, buyers used to visit a retail store and choose products to purchase, but with the OpenCart, business owners have created onsite stores that people can visit and purchase things online. With millions of websites cropping up every now and then, it has become a problem for the business owners and marketers to attract relevant audiences and traffic to their website.

Developing a great social media strategy, creating content that addresses the problems of the shoppers and keeps them engaged has become very hard.

But how about customers coming to your stores and approaching you instead of you going to them?

This will off course lower your customer acquisition costs, increase the visibility of your products and also bring in sales. This is a multi-channel marketing and more ecommerce merchants are adopting these nowadays.

Let see here in this blog how you can boost your product visibility on multiple channels for your OpenCart e-store:

Are you Following a Marketplace, SEO Strategy?

If you want to find some excellent keywords to boost your sales, then nothing can be better than Amazon. Similar strategies are followed by other marketplace’s search algorithms and most take the search term that are entered by the visitors and match them with the item description, title and tags.  It is important to choose the right keywords and sprinkle them in your entire content.

Do You have Some Great Content Describing Your Products?

All your products should have a clear description for the visitors to understand more about the product. You must include all the information that you think is essential for the buyers to take an action in your favour. Ideally, a description of an item must include all its aspects and so you should write the product description while trying to answer the question like what the product is all about, its colour, its dimensions, materials used, what it is used for, how to return and etc. You should not forget any information that you users may search. This will help to appeal to your ideal buyer and enhance sales.

Are You Using Marketing Tools?

Though Facebook and Google are popular when it comes to digital marketing and most of the markets use them, so should you. But you should not limit yourself to these marketing channels only. In order to gain momentum, you may use popular OpenCart ecommerce marketplaces where you can use their native ad platforms.

Have You Added Enough Product Images?

We all know that an image speaks a thousand words. Clear images of your products will help your customers take a decision. They can view the product and have an idea about how it looks. But before you post an image you should follow certain guidelines:

  • Your image should be well lit and placed with a white background
  • It should follow Trust and Safety standards
  • It should not include any other accessories or any other extra product
  • There should be no logos, watermarks, graphics and etc. on the images

You can also use scaling to give your visitors an idea about the actual product displayed on your OpenCart website.

Why Don’t You Use OpenCart Multichannel Extensions for More Benefits?  

Using multichannel extension gives you a huge advantage with each orders created on Marketplace like Walmart, Amazon and other online marketplaces. Their data is also created on your OpenCart backend. This feature helps to make a sale as well as earn a crucial lead.