Important Website Maintenance Tips for the Front End Developers

3 years ago
Important Website Maintenance Tips for the Front End Developers

One of the most important things that you need to consider about your website is its performance. And if you are a major brand, then it’s crucial that you maintain your online presence and this is of course a full time job. Right from the day when your website goes live, you are supposed to constantly adjust your site so that you can improve the overall performance of the site. Undoubtedly presenting the content and maintaining a superb design is equally important.

If you are a front end developer, you are supposed to work on the site aesthetics, it is important to maintain your site for any possible issues, which could affect your usability and profitability. In fact, if your web application doesn’t continually offer its users an ever evolving and growing experience, then you will lose a lot of business opportunities.

Here in this blog, I will share some of the tips that your front end developers should maintain:

Clean and Update the Content:

Your front end developer team should follow the best website maintenance practices that mainly revolves around the presentation of the content. With every fresh content introduced in the site or any changes made, it is the task of the developer to check that everything looks clean and well organized. In case if you are running a blog on the site, it may have some content that is old and outdated. So, your front end developer should review it as a contribution towards website maintenance and support plan.

Optimizing Speed with CDN:

Ensuring that your site loads within 2 seconds only is important and your front end developer need to contribute to improve the speed and performance of the site. So there are some ways to ensure that your site is functioning properly. It is by using a content delivery network that you can serve excellent loading speed to a global audience and another major tip is that implementing caching will also let the website load quickly..

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File Compression and Image Optimization

Another most important step in the website maintenance service is to compress the files and also optimize the images. It is by using the compression method that you can improve your front end optimization. This makes the website lightweight and also easy to load. Though high resolution images make your website look appealing, they can also slow down the site. So to improve the front end performance, optimizing the images is a must.

Clean Up the HTML Document:

HTML helps to add heading and subheading and lists on the website. A clean and beautiful HTML is the foundation of a website and so writing concise and effective HTML is crucial. This is essential as a good CSS can help with good HTML markup and any overuse of codes in HTML should be eliminated. There are various ways to take care of the unnecessary HTML portions. However, with tools like HTML cleaner, you can easily work seamlessly.

Keep All the Fixes, Repairs and Upgrades Current:

This is again the most basic part of website maintenance plans and so the front end developers need to take care of the errors, bugs and broken links of the site. Your developer should remove unsupported and outdated plugins and update to new and relevant ones. Make sure that you have the upgraded version of the CMS for your website.

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