LMS Services in London

LMS Services in London

Addressing the Learning Needs of Your Organization

LMS Solutions that are Designed to Develop, Engage and Push Your Learners Forward

Learning management system is perfect for academic organizations and businesses that demand the best for their learners. IDS Logic a leading LMS development company in London has been servicing both the online and mobile training needs of organizations for the past 13 years. We specialize in creating e-learning solutions for various industries that include both public and private secrets.

Owned and run by experienced, training professionals, we have been creating and delivering innovative learning solutions that are highly customised for organizations in the UK. We ensure that all the programs we develop make a real difference and deliver real value having a positive impact on the client’s business.

How We Make Training Simple and Easily Achievable?

As a reliable LMS web development agency in London, we offer a wide range of online programs that satisfy the broad and diverse client needs. Our strength lies in the diversity, flexibility and our absolute commitment to high quality LMS solutions. It is because of this that we get repeat business and are able to maintain a long standing relationship with our local clients.

Our LMS experts can tailor solutions for all types of training and education so that the best is delivered to the users. And we deliver all these without the ongoing cost or any other technical limitations that are typically associated with LMS software development.

Our LMS Development Services in London Include:

We envision and implement a learning and development program that is targeted to meet the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Out LMS solutions can be used to track the measureable results and we deliver highly effective programs and manage its execution to derive the desired results.

Some Key Features of Our LMS Applications:

It is though out LMS services that we deliver innovative solutions that offer something new in the e-learning arena. We create solutions through which the skills and knowledge across the organization can be unpacked, and made accessible at the point of need through various features. Since business owners don’t want to train their staffs with information that will be forgotten with time, we add rich feature that helps them to go down the right path though proper reports and tracking:


  • Easy access to learner training history
  • Downloadable reports of employee performance
  • Automated email reminders to users and learners
  • Real time reporting for tests and identification of improvement areas
  • Complete visibility of the organization’s training and compliance

LMS made simple with us

As a professional LMS service provider in London, we deliver unique learning solutions, which offer personalized learning and ensure that each learner receives content that is relevant for their knowledge level.  Our high quality e-learning practices include performance management, policies and procedures and also conflict resolutions. We also offer:

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