Sitefinity DX 14.2 is Here: What’s New It Has to Offer?

1 year ago

Sitefinity DX 14.2 is finally launched! Similar to its previous versions, it also comes with various enhancements that will make the quality of living better for the practitioners, more stability, and security. In addition to this, it also provides the functionality in content curation along with improvements in both Sitefinity Insight and Sitefinity Cloud.

If you’ve opted for the Sitefinity development, then it is important to maintain a constant pace with the latest releases to make the most out of this CMS. That’s the key to take the digital experience to the next level.

Now, let’s have a look at what difference that Sitefinity DX 14.2 has introduced to Sitefinity DX, Insight and Cloud.

Sitefinity DX

When it comes to the Sitefinity DX 14.1, .NET Core is the framework that is used for creating cross-platform experiences with Sitefinity. Since 14.2 is here, the user will get the extended functionality that contributes towards the safe adoption and user-friendliness. Apart from that, it will provide personalized search and result widgets with REST API compatibility that allows hassle-free migration.

With stability and usability enhancements to SiteSync, you will get benefits like operational efficiency, marketer self-service, and cross-team productivity. Its Queued content sync will leverage the editors in performing multiple content synchronization effortlessly while ensuring the website integrity at the same time.

One of the notable things is that it comes with enhanced content lifecycle management. Owing to this, the editors can deliver rich and engaging content to the target audience. It even allows to set the expiration period of the pages and notifies the users about the outdated content.

Sitefinity Insight

With Top Pages Report for audience segments, the users can analyze the content performance, and allows tuning of the content strategy to reap effective results. It will help in making meaningful and the data-driven decisions related to your content. This further will make you analyze your marketing goals in an effective way.

What’s more? It aids in personalizing the best performing content easily. You can even update or remove the content that is not performing well.

Sitefinity Cloud

Real-time monitoring, threat detection, event analysis, and incident management becomes simpler with security information and event management. With Microsoft Sentinel, Sitefinity Cloud will provide a powerful AI-segmented security layer that will detect the threat quickly.

By using workflow automation, it becomes simpler to enhance connectivity and integration. Sitefinity Cloud helps in streamlining the content and admin workflows, and connecting different data sources, and attain full automation with user-friendly tools and zero coding.

Choose an eminent Sitefinity development agency in UK that keeps a close check on the releases of the Sitefinity CMS and upgrade it timely to ensure the impeccable performance of the website.