Some Important Points that Your Ecommerce Website Maintenance Service Providers Should Consider

3 years ago
Some Important Points that Your Ecommerce Website Maintenance Service Providers Should Consider

Whether your ecommerce business is small or large, you need a proper website maintenance and service provider so that your site is updated regularly, offers fresh content to keep the customers informed and stays secured for transactions. Just as your car and other household goods need monthly and yearly maintenance, your website too needs proper maintenance for good functioning. So, to improve your revenues and avoid any issues and hurdles. You need to consider some tips to maintain a healthy ecommerce site.

Here in this blog, I will share with you some interesting tips that your website maintenance and support company should do to add value to your site.

Monitor the 404 pages in the search console:

Google Search Console allows you to view how Google sees your website and how you are working. It also suggests the HTML improvements that you can make and allows you to have a view of how the site appears in the search results, who has links to the site and also the pages that Google has indexed and etc. So once your website maintenance partner rounds up all the 404 errors, you can ask them to create the pages of the missing links or set up 301 redirects.

Move the third party codes into Google Tag manager:

The ecommerce site that you are maintaining has Google Analytics, Adwords and many other code snippets. Your Google Tag Manager allows you to centralize and manage all the codes from a single place without having to do it manually through the hard code things. The best thing about Google Tag Manager is that you can easily choose when you want the tags to fire by defining a trigger.

Conduct the NPS surveys:

Your ecommerce maintenance company should use the NPS (Net Promoter Score) tool that allows you to measure the customer relationship. The company sends each customer an email and they have to click a one to ten number and provide an optional comment. The beauty of this tool is that it is easy to implement and helps the marketing team with testimonials, reviews and other information.

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Do a thorough A/B testing on problematic pages:

When it is about your ecommerce website, your website maintenance partner should play around with the size and layout of product grid. Based on funnel analysis, you can test the pages with the biggest drop off rates. Focus on the pages as they can give you some of the best returns on your investment. It is only through proper website testing that you can address the faults or errors in your site and enhance the performance.

Consider how your visitors use your site:

Another most important thing that your website maintenance service provider should do is to see how your visitors use the site and track their whole journey so that from the moment they land on your home page till the leave you have all the details.  After each session, you can write down about the areas that are of concern and needs improvements and implement it for better results. The best thing is to see the rage clicks happening within the wider context and so you can try and guess why they clicked a bunch of times. This will help you to develop the missing functionality and help you to make a wider context video session more valuable. Thorough such sessions you can also come up with ideas on how to make the journey even better.