Top 5 Android App Development Tools to Look Forward in 2022

2 years ago
Top 5 Android App Development Tools to Look Forward in 2022

Gone are the days when building a fully-functional Android app was a complex task. With the advent of development tools, the things have changed a lot. It takes less time and efforts to create an Android app for the business.

Android app developers are widely using those tools as it accelerates the Android app development process and ensures quick turnaround time. Therefore, you can launch your app in the market before your competitors will do. This will provide a winning advantage to your business.

Here are the popular Android app development tools that will dominate the mobile industry in 2022:

1.Android Studio

Android Studio is a popular and open-source mobile app development tool. With this tool, you will get access to the modern and advanced functionalities and a powerful community support. One of the key reasons for choosing this tool is that it reduces the overall development time to help you build the finest quality apps for Android devices.


  1. GitHub integration
  2. C++ & NDK support
  3. Fast & feature-rich emulator
  4. Testing tools & frameworks
  5. Gradle-based system


B4A is counted amongst the most powerful app development tool for developing Android apps. It is quite similar to the visual basic programing language, and comes with the object support (the main difference). The best part is that it comes with robust GUI builder that is compatible with few screens and orientations.


  1. SQL databases
  2. Highly extensible
  3. Robust debugger
  4. Web administration
  5. Vast documentation


If you want to build a feature-packed Android app for your business, then do consider Ionic. This cross-platform tool is suitable for building high-performing apps that can be scaled effortlessly as the business grows. It is user-friendly, and offers seamless integration with Angular JS.


  1. NDK support
  2. Core native functionality
  3. Simple UI components
  4. Ionic CLI
  5. JavaScript component



Flutter offers a comprehensive cross-platform solution for developing custom mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platform. It comes with all the necessary features that are ideal for creating feature-packed apps for the web and mobile.


  1. Rapid development
  2. Faster time to market
  3. Native app performance
  4. Single code base
  5. Rich widgets


Fabric is another popular Android app development platform that comes with a vast toolkit to develop the rich quality mobile apps efficiently. Apps like Twitter have used this tool for the mobile app development.


  1. Analytics integration
  2. Real-time notifications

To build an amazing Android app for your business, you should rely on the Android application development company in UK. Make sure that they are familiar with the latest development tools that aids in the speedy completion of the project.