Top Magento 2 Development Tools in 2022

2 years ago
Top Magento 2 Development Tools in 2022

Magento 2 is a robust eCommerce development platform widely used for building outstanding online stores. Many retailers have opted for this platform and earning maximum profitability from this step. However, setting up an eCommerce store from scratch is a challenging thing to do that requires a lot of resources.

To simplify this task, you need the tools that will save you from the hassle of building a full-fledged Magento store. The best part is that this eCommerce platform offers this advantage to save your time and efforts.

There is a vast range of tools available online that will prove valuable to your Magento 2 development project. With their use, it becomes easier to handle the projects of any complexity level. However, it is bit challenging to choose the suitable one for your business.

Note:- Analyze the feature set of each and every Magento 2 development tool to make the meaningful decision.

Let’s take a look at some of the excellent Magento 2 development tools:


PHPStorm is a renowned Magento 2 development tool. It has been designed to categorize and handle the big-scale projects with an efficacy. In addition to this, it helps in getting the code easily, which saves ample amount of time and efforts of the Magento developers.


  1. GraphQL navigation line makers
  2. Plugin declaration inspection
  3. Plugin class methods generation
  4. XML configuration inspection


Mage2Gen is a powerful module and code generator Magento2 tool. It is open source, and allows the users to generate base code for Magento 2 modules faster. One of the striking part of this tool is that it saves down all the generated modules the moment you login.


  1. GraphQL UrlResolver
  2. Category Attribute using Patch


n98-magerun2 tool is extremely helpful in the Magento development process. It previous version has been greatly used by the developers all across the globe. It offers a complete set of properly tested command line commands that will save your time and efforts. These commands can be extended using a module API.

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  1. Magento cache interaction
  2. Admin accounts management

Magento 2 Coding Standard

Magento 2 Coding Standard provides a specific set of rules for PHP_CodeSniffer tool. It helps in generating good quality codes by adhering the standard protocols. Keep it updated to reduce the overall cost of maintenance of your Magento website.


  1. Checks non-conform coding

Choose a reputed Magento 2 development company that has a good knowledge of all the Magento 2 development tools. This will help in accelerating your project’s development.

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