Top Magento 2 Website Design Tips in 2022

2 years ago
Top Magento 2 Website Design Tips in 2022

Currently, Magento 2 is powering approx. 12-13% online stores. This percentage clearly indicates the popularity level of this eCommerce platform. It comes with various features such as customization, SEO-friendliness, and tools for setting up an outstanding online presence with less efforts.

Although, you have invested your time and money in Magento 2 eCommerce development, but this alone does not ensures success. That’s because thousands of stores are already running online, which has made the competition fierce.

Now, the main question that arises is that how you can convince the customers to shop from your Magento store? Well, you can revamp the look and feel of your store. With an attractive web design, you can gain the trust of your prospects that you’re selling the quality products.

Effective Web Designing Tips for Magento 2 to Implement in 2022

The first impression truly counts! When you have a well-designed Magento store, you will win the attention of your prospects faster. To design your store in a striking way, you need to follow the below-mentioned designing tips:

Choose the Right Theme

As the look and feel of your Magento store is important, you need to opt for the right theme. There are many themes available online that makes it difficult to pick any one option. All you should do is to figure out your budget and the features that you want in your store. Based on that, you should finalize any theme.

Load Speed Optimization

Poor page speed is the biggest reason for the high cart abandonment rate of the Magento store. It results in loss of visitors, sales, and drop in search engine rankings. The best you can do to boost the speed of your store is:

  1. Compress the large size images
  2. Delete unwanted widgets and plugins

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Enhance Product Catalogue

Having stunning product pages’ acts as the driving force to make the visitors to shop from your store. So, it is recommended to opt for the imagery that convince them to take an action. You should opt for the high quality images that ca be zoom in and out easily to provide better insight about the product range.

Smooth Navigation

Nowadays, the shoppers are in a hurry to shop. All they wanted is the products faster on their screens. Therefore, it would be better to limit the product options, and categorize the popular products on the navigation menu. This will facilitate the quick purchase from their end.

In short, a great design is the key to ensure the success of your Magento store. You can seek professional assistance by hiring a reliable Magento 2 development company for designing an alluring store. They have the adroit team to design your store as per your specifications.

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