Use SharePoint for Micro Learning and Boost the Effectiveness of Your Training Programs

4 years ago
Use SharePoint for Micro Learning & Boost

Microlearning has become very popular in educational organizations and corporates as it enables busy learners and employees to improve their skills and work related knowledge without losing much of their precious time. Today, businesses are using SharePoint for content management, intranet and communication. But you might be thinking about using the same platform for microtraining and help remote workers develop the desired skills and enhance their productivity.

SharePoint: Perfect Performance Support Tool

With days passing by, we often learn to become more effective while offering training courses to our workforce.  The goal of every training is to increase the productivity and performance of the employees. Whether it is through e-learning or classroom training, there are some information that is not retained by the learners.

Performance support tools are designed specially to help the learners with their learning phase while on the job. Since humans have the tendency to forget their learnings within a matter of days or weeks unless they are offered some learning support. The PST helps to compliment the formal training and boost the performance by solving any doubts and problems instantly. SharePoint development acts as a PST as it helps to add videos, infographics, interactive PDFs, flip books, e-books and etc.

SharePoint Helps to Address the “Moment of Need”:

Workers in corporate sectors often experience some moment of need when they have to learn something or gather some information to complete the task. A moment of need usually occurs in real time and it is here that SharePoint helps the workers to check any document that they need to complete the work process.

Training programs that are bite sized helps to keep the users focussed on the task in hand while they can consult the content available in the program. Such kind of programs often provides a user interface where the users don’t have to move somewhere else to learn an activity.

SharePoint Makes On-Boarding Easy with Microlearning:

Gathering the right information about employees need to go through endless knowledge repositories which wastes a lot of time. More and more organizations are now realising how this is slowing down their business. SharePoint helps to make the process easier. Onboarding is also easy when a new employee can simply watch a video or a powerpoint presentation in SharePoint.

Since new comers don’t often want to ask question with the fear of looking inadequate, microlearning programs shared through SharePoint portals can helps them find everything that they need in a central place from procedures and objectives of the company to its policies. SharePoint video libraries and advanced meta data search make it easy for everyone to find information that they need and when they need.

SharePoint Supports Gamification:

Microtraining programs should always offer exciting learning experiences that help to keep the learners engaged. And this can be easily achieved by using gamification. SharePoint supports gamification features, which contributes to higher engagement, knowledge retention and motivation.

SharePoint development offers support to microlearning with games, that helps to solve problems and also reproduce real life situations. The microlearning tools for the trainees allows them to self-check their knowledge and carry out quizzes to just refresh their knowledge and avoid the forgetting curve.

To conclude, it can be said that SharePoint helps in developing microlearning programs that helps to keep the learning process smooth and helps to enhance the learners’ performance and keep themselves updated with latest skills.