Valuable Tips for Sitefinity Users that You Should Know

2 years ago
Smart Tips & Tricks for the Sitefinity Users

When it comes to choosing the best CMS for a website, there are plenty of good options available online such as Sitefinity, WordPress, Drupal, and many more. Out of them, Sitefinity is a widely preferred choice all across the globe. The content creation and management is a stress-free task using this CMS.

Sitefinity is a powerful content management system offering outstanding features to set up a fully-functional website. Enterprises these days are highly impressed with its functionality, and that’s why choosing Sitefinity development for their websites.

At present, there are numerous Sitefinity users from different parts of the world who are making the most out of this CMS to elevate their business growth. To utilize its potential to the fullest, it is important to be aware of the smart tips and tricks that can make your usage experience an easier one.

Smart Tips & Tricks for the Sitefinity Users

In this post, we’ve discussed the effective tips for the Sitefinity users that will make their working experience on this CMS enjoyable. Let’s have a look at them:

Activate Automatic Sitemap Generation

By activating this feature, the admin will no longer have to regenerate and submit the sitemaps again and again whenever there is a content update. The search engines will crawl the latest version of your website owing to this fact.

To set the frequency of the sitemap generation, you have to:

  1. Visit the admin menu
  2. Click on the Tools section
  3. Select the sitemap

Widgets Protection with Advanced Controls

Sitefinity has few widgets that are highly advanced for the users and can hamper your website. You definitely don’t want them to access by anyone. So, the best you can do is to hide them by visiting the Toolbox section within the Advanced settings. This will restrict their access completely.

Responsive Design with No coding

Sitefinity comes with various built-in layouts. Even though you don’t have coding skills, you can still make them responsive faster by visiting the “Responsive & Mobile Design” option within the “Design” menu. This will make your website to deliver impeccable user experience across all the mobile devices.

Automate Image Compression

Mostly images on the website are uploaded without compressing. This can slower down the speed over a period of time. Sitefinity provides the automation of image compression process that will make your website to load quickly and efficiently.

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Setting Up Multi-Language Website

Having a multi-language website can extend your reach globally, which is great for your business growth. You can acquire clients from different countries faster. With Sitefinity CMS, you can have a site like this without any difficulty, and the process will not take that much time.

Skip Custom Backend Templates

With Sitefinity, you can easily add pages to the backend admin section. It is not a feasible choice in the long run as it can negatively impact the upgrades. To protect the integrity of the widgets, you need to stop using them completely.

Building a Sitefinity website faster demands the professional assistance. You should look for the top-rated Sitefinity development company to carry out everything in a straightforward manner. There are tons of options available online that will make your decision tough. Therefore, a deep down research on the web will help you in making an effective choice.

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