CMS .NET Core Renderer: The Latest Add-On in Sitefinity Cloud

1 year ago

Sitefinity Cloud is considered as a popular managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that leverages the users to build, run, and manage an enhanced digital experience. It eliminates the stress to create and manage the infrastructure efficiently.

Within Core Renderer, the Sitefinity DX provides a platform for creating an excellent digital experience by coupling the user-friendliness and scalability at the same time. As per the survey, it has been found that Sitefinity is the best CMS as compared to its competitors and delivers the quality results to keep both the IT and marketing team contended.

Both the .NET Core Renderer and Sitefinity Cloud comes with amazing range of tools and platform capabilities that will boost your growth, and providing enough scope to scale up in the future.

What’s New .NET Core Render Has to Offer the Sitefinity Users?

To understand the user journey and their specific needs is not that simple. This is exactly where .NET Core Renderer and Sitefinity Cloud comes into the rescue as it reduces the load that is generally caused due to the rising count of the touchpoints.

  • With the offload of infrastructure and management, the system integrators and digital agencies can give proper attention on their core competencies, and that is rendering true value with an impeccable digital experience.
  • Enterprises will be able to cater the requirements of the internal stakeholders. Moreover, they can overcome all the challenges with the deployment of modern and secure technology.
  • Due to the multi-tier architecture and add-ons, Sitefinity Cloud comes with all the required functionality that developers and DevOps to deliver the top-notch results by staying productive.

With the latest release, you will get the extended support for the .NET Core that provides an additional level of capabilities to build cross-platform web apps and render multichannel content without any hassle.

By decoupling the backend from the presentation layer, you will get a clear path to the take the digital experience to an all new level. The developers will get access to the tools that will facilitate the creation of adaptive and responsive front-end experiences with their preferred technology.

Your enterprise will work in sync and align their business objectives that will be helpful in winning all the odds faster. To make the most out of this add-on, it is recommended to look for the reputed Sitefinity development company. They’ll provide you meaningful insights about the same in order to make an effective use of it.