What are the Different SharePoint Development Options?

2 years ago
What are the Different SharePoint Development Options

SharePoint is a renowned collaboration and document management tool that comes with an incredible range of features to boost operational excellence. No wonders, why it has soared in popularity within the organizations over the past few years. In fact, it has been deployed by the Fortune 500 companies for its impeccable functionality.

SharePoint development offers On-premise and Online services that makes it convenient for the developers to create customized solutions for extending the functionalities of their existing apps using the SharePoint. This will aid the businesses to achieve their goals faster.

SharePoint Development Options

When it comes to the SharePoint development options, there are mainly four options available that you should know very well. Just take a look at them to learn more:

Farm Solutions

Farm solutions can only be utilized for SharePoint Server On-premises deployments. Within this solution, you will get a custom code that will be deployed in the SharePoint servers, and initiates calling to the SharePoint server object model. One of the biggest advantages of this solution is that it provides complete access to the developers on the server-side SharePoint API.

Sandbox Solutions

This solution has been launched by Microsoft in the SharePoint 2010 version. As compared to Farmbox solutions, sandbox solutions are compatible with both on-premises and SharePoint Online. This operates outside the IIS worker process, which implies whenever SharePoint developers use this feature, this app does not get recycled.

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SharePoint Add-ins

This SharePoint Application development solution comes in the SharePoint 2013 version. As per the Microsoft, it is a self-contained functionality piece to fix a specified business complexity. They don’t contain custom codes that functions on SharePoint servers, but all the custom logic goes up or down to the cloud or to the client’s computers.

SharePoint Framework

This is the latest option in the SharePoint developer’s toolbox. With this framework, you can make the client-side customizations the official development for the SharePoint experts. Its introduced has provided the users access to modern and advanced web technologies tools to render interactive experiences.

Hire Reliable SharePoint Development Professionals for Your Project

Always look for a SharePoint development company that is aware of all the aforementioned development solutions.  Do your detailed research on the web to get the most useful search results faster, and then make any final decision. So, without any further ado, just get started with your work today!

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