Why Business Owners Should Add Live Chat Support and Maintenance to Their Website

4 years ago
Website Support

Whether you are the owner of an online business or a brick and mortar store, the ability to provide great customer experience is crucial for the success of your business. Your website should be updated with fresh content and information, it should be able to display the products or services clearly, the features should be upgraded and there should also be a live support or chat option.

With live support, it is meant that the customers can chat in real time when they visit the website. This is commonly used to offer immediate customer service to the potential customers visiting the website.

Website support and maintenance often includes updating the web content of the pages so that the site is up to date and with periodic addition of new web pages, it is also important to repair the sections of the site that stop to function properly.  Since websites are not intended to be static, the value of a corporate site is the ability to maintain present information online at a reasonable cost.

Technology is changing rapidly, and so websites and mobile apps also have to be updated as per the latest trends. A business that is available 24/7 with a live chat option can attend to queries any time of the day and this offers 100% client satisfaction and quality work.

There are many website support and maintenance companies in UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, that can help the clients to integrate a live chat support and ensure that the site is available 24/7. Standard maintenance of your site can keep the site updated, running fast and secure.

Such application support and maintenance companies help to debug any website errors, modify and re-engineer the websites of any kind from CMS to dynamic database to simple informational web pages to complex ecommerce stores. They offer the best security and at the same time help to take a daily backup and carry hourly monitoring.

Questions to Ask a Website Support and Maintenance Company for a Live Chat Integration:

If you are looking for a live chat support service provider, then it is very important to know the needs of the consumers. according to a report it is said that about 24% customers use live chat and more than 73% have a high satisfaction rate. So, while choosing the live chat support provider here is what you should ask.

Is the Software a Hosted SaaS Solution or can it be Hosted on Own Server?

A website support and maintenance company offers different models for this and so you need to be careful while considering the option. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. If in case it is a SaaS model, then it would mean that the payment would be subscription based and there would be no one-off price. Since SaaS companies serve various clients, so their costs from server support and maintenance are usually divided between multiple service users.

What are the Types of Integrations that Your Service Provider would Offer?

Easy installation is a crucial factor, because if a software does not offer a user friendly interface, then setting up everything would only consume a lot of your time. In some cases, you need to engage a webmaster to get things running which will add up to the cost.

Ask the type of supporting documentation that they would provide in case you want to manage the installation on your own. Get to know the step you have to take to implement the live chat on your site and if you are using a CMS then check if your web support and maintenance service provider is offering any plugins or extension for the CMS.

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Are Any Customizations Possible?

If you are concerned about your brand image, and how you can support customers better, then this is an important question that you should ask.  Some service providers offer only very limited customization option during a live chat support integration and some may offer multiple options. If you want to upload a custom theme for the chat messenger or want the tool in a different language, then check if the software offered by your service provider can meet all the requirements or not.

What About the Security?

Based on the type of industry you are operating in, having a secure live chat is crucial. This will be needed if you are searching for a service based software. Confirm if they ensure encryption of your chat conversation, the records that are stored and how you can access them. Additionally, find out if there are any extra charges included with having a secure channel.