Why SharePoint Development Is the Best Solution for Non-Profit Organizations?

5 years ago
Why SharePoint Development Is the Best Solution for Non-Profit Organizations

Non profitable organizations are often very involved in various internal works and are in need of saving time and money.  They usually have some constraints in making huge investments that are crucial for attaining the efficiency in their operations.  They have to somehow manage their work by using their existing resources and manpower that is needed to manage their work effectively.

SharePoint is a great tool of choice for non-profit organizations as it is highly affordable and effective. Since many non-profits find themselves using multiple services to manage their emails and host their documents, it can at times become difficult to access the information that you have created.

The SharePoint Online platform allows you to not only consolidate your emails, but also manage your tasks, set up websites or intranets and etc.

Challenges that non-profits face and how SharePoint can help:

There is no doubt that SharePoint is great for nonprofit organizations because Microsoft offers Office 365 and SharePoint free or even at a significant discount to non-profits. Choosing SharePoint development often brings all the important tasks of a company under one roof. This is a great bonus as SharePoint helps to maintain a cohesiveness that streamlines the processes.

Compensation and benefits: 

A top concern for nonprofit organizations is Payroll.  The ever changing regulations make it very difficult to stay compliant and with limited staffs it is actually difficult to run process payroll, reports and issue cheques. Failure to maintain compliance can often lead to penalties or even automatic revocation of tax exempt status.

SharePoint helps to maintain good records, keep updated on regulations and implement measures to prevent any conflicts of interest and also helps to take appropriate steps to remain compliant with the standards.

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Make the most out of a limited budget:

Nonprofit organizations usually have a limited budget and within that they have to maintain the servers, IT support and software licensing. The plans usually have fixed fees. but what you need is to create a custom environment that helps to boost the team’s ability to collaborate everything effectively. It is here that SharePoint helps.

SharePoint is a multi-functional tool that assists the needs of non-profits and with free or reduced pricing and cloud options, it makes the features available like a centralized document management that is controlled from one centralized location.

Guarantee of security and compliance:

Data security is one of the biggest concerns of any non-profitable organizations as they have to comply with the privacy and compliance laws. Microsoft’s Office 365 is engineered to offer the highest levels of security and privacy standards and it also has inbuilt malware protection to safeguard the company data in the cloud.

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The teams can share and edit the documents on the go:

SharePoint Online is a great and advanced file sharing tool that the teams can easily edit and share with one another even through their mobile devices and from any location. Users love the fact that they can easily edit anything that they need and this helps them save a lot of time by reducing the task of sending emails.

Users can also accomplish board reports in the cloud and share them remotely or even access them anywhere or at any time.