5 Things that You Can Do with SharePoint

3 years ago
5 Things that You Can Do with SharePoint

There are many people who think that SharePoint is only suitable for collaboration and document management purpose. But that’s not the reality. Apart from these, you can do a variety of things using this tool.

If you have opted for SharePoint development, then it is important to know about the things that you can do to utilize its potential to the fullest. Let’s take a look at them:

Invoice Processing

The invoice generation and processing is an important part of every business. For this purpose, they utilize external tools for the invoice creation. With SharePoint tool, you can perform this task within the native platform. Microsoft Forms aids in fetching invoice data and imports them to the SharePoint.

Simplifies Onboarding

Onboarding process of the organization is an exhausting process. Everything needs to be done in a proper way to provide a positive experience for the new joiners. You can centralize the information in one place by integrating Microsoft Forms and Power Automate to make the workflow smooth.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a time-consuming process as it involves a series of tasks such as product listing, cost tracking, maintenance, etc. When you will utilize SharePoint, you can administer your inventory without any difficulty. So, if you are facing trouble in inventory management, then it is the right option to go with.

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Builds Wiki Site

Every business has a large volume of information in the form of articles/blogs, customer details, service records, etc. Managing them is quite a hassle, but this can be stored and managed in a proper way using Wiki site. With SharePoint, you will get this feature which allows handling of large volume of information with ease.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a robust tool for collaboration that has been used a lot of organizations. If you are not using it yet, then now is the time to do so to reap effective results. When you will integrate it with SharePoint, you can boost the efficiency to a great extent. You can handle various projects without any stress using this tool.

If you are thinking of deploying SharePoint in your business operations, then you’re doing absolutely right. It can benefit you in various ways that contributes to the growth and success. Choose a trusted SharePoint development company that can help you in the successful deployment. Do your proper research online before choosing any option to make the meaningful decision.

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