A Comprehensive Guide on Progress Sitefinity Life Cycle Policy

2 years ago
A Comprehensive Guide on Progress Sitefinity Life Cycle Policy

Sitefinity CMS rolls out the upgrades time to time in order to provide advanced and new features, security fixes, and performance enhancements to the users for an impeccable digital experience throughout. It is important to maintain a constant pace with the latest releases to attain a competitive edge online.

If you’ve invested in Sitefinity development, it is highly recommended to upgrade your website on a regular basis to ensure uninterrupted operations. Progress is continuously working to make the version upgrade process as simple as possible for the users.

Understanding of Sitefinity Versioning

There is a versioning format that Sitefinity strictly adheres to. It is entirely based on the major and minor versions, and product updates.

The labelling of the released Sitefinity versions are done in the following way:
14- Major release number (first digit), 0- Minor release number (second digit), 7700- Build number (third digit), 0- Update revision number (fourth digit).

Product Delivery

With every Sitefinity release, you will get access to more features, performance improvement, security fixes, and many more things. When it comes to the official releases, Sitefinity offers around three official releases every year. Product updates are done frequently and offers speedy solution to bugs, security loopholes, or compatibility issues to third-party integrations.

Life Cycle Phases of Sitefinity

When it is about the Sitefinity product life cycle, it has different phases that ranges from General Availability (GA) to the Retirement. Every release has three phases of product life cycle that are discussed below:

  1.Active Phase

Active phase product releases are completely supported. This phase releases bug fix updates on a regular basis for the customers who have a subscription or maintenance and support contract. If any issue arises in this phase, Progress will work on it to provide a suitable solution if their licenses come within a support contract.

2.Sunset Phase

With Sunset phase, the technical assistance will be provided with all releases. You will get the critical updates with this phase. Progress will provide recommendation to the customers of their upgrade to the recent version will resolve their specific problems or not.

3.Retired Phase

Within the retired phase, Progress is no longer obligated to offer the product updates to this version. If any issue occurs while using products in this phase, then Progress will make the efforts using Product Support group for fixing the customer issues.

Regular (non-LTS) and Long Term Supported (LTS) Releases

One of the key differences between regular (non-LTS) and LTS Sitefinity releases is the duration of Active and Sunset phases. With Sitefinity LTS releases, you will get longer Active and Sunset phases, and receives support for around 4 years since its release. If you are an enterprise customer, then it is suggested to upgrade to the latest available LTS release to get the enterprise level support.

Enterprises that have opted for the Sitefinity CMS are advised to partner with a leading Sitefinity development company. This is because they stay abreast with the latest upgrades and implement them effectively without any delay.