A Comprehensive Guide to Optimize Sitefinity

4 years ago
A Comprehensive Guide to Optimize Sitefinity

Sitefinity optimization is vital to ensure that your website delivers high-grade performance without any glitch. Businesses are acquainted with the importance of having a properly optimized website these days.

If your website is not delivering good performance, then you have to take certain steps to optimize Sitefinity. Let’s have a look:

  1. Update and Upgrade

Keeping up with the Sitefinity upgrades as soon as they are released is always a great idea. If you notice your website’s poor performance, then it is the time to upgrade it. This will give access to the latest features. The upgrading process is complex and consists of multiple operations such as replacing Sitefinity precompiled logic, modification of the database schema, file configuration, and many more.

While performing Sitefinity upgrade, you will need experts to handle everything proficiently. They have relevant experience with the entire process of upgrade.

  1. Checking Implementation and Deployment

In spite of using the latest version of Sitefinity, you are still facing issues while optimizing your website. In that situation, you have to check the actual implementation and deployment of the platform.

The most common problem related to implementation that we hear is that changes are not reflected on the live website even after updating the content. It is linked with the way Sitefinity caches information and misconfiguration of customized widgets. The platform notifies the widget whenever there are changes, but if your implementation team are not versed with Sitefinity’s caching nuances, then it will create a host of issues.

  1. Mobile Optimization is a must

There are billions of mobile phone users all over the world, and the majority of traffic comes through the mobile only. Needless to say that it is important to have a mobile-friendly website else you will be left behind.

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If your company is utilizing the latest version of Sitefinity, then providing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will enhance speed, decrease bandwidth, and contribute towards better infrastructure utilization. This is helpful in streamlining your content and makes it optimized for mobile. With the configuration of these pages, you can maintain mobile-friendly layouts and channel consistency for an excellent web experience.

  1. Integration for Better Data

One possible way to get the most out of Sitefinity is to integrate with other platforms that your company utilizes to deliver an amazing experience to end-users. You can consider integration of systems like CRM, ERP, or HR as it facilitates reliable and consistent information to the users. In addition to this, it provides an improved visibility of the customer’s buying preferences.

Engage the Expert Team

When it is about Sitefinity update, you should choose a development team that is expert in this niche. Such teams are better equipped to ensure implementation of the platform with an efficacy. They will work with dexterity to achieve the overall goals of the company faster.

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