Personalizing Your Web Content with Sitefinity CMS Development

4 years ago
Personalizing Your Web Content with Sitefinity CMS Development

With technology bringing a lot of change in the way people gather information and avail services, it is hard to believe that there were once services that did not cater to personalisation. In this digital world, personalisation is a core component of any digital marketing initiative and if you want to offer a true experience for your website visitors than it is better to offer rich engagement factors, which ultimately leads to generating more revenues to your business.

So, if you have a business which runs on Sitefinity CMS development, then you must be familiar with the what and how of personalisation and also with the accompanying challenges of proper segmentation, selecting the right digital asset  and understanding what actually works and what not. Creating and delivering an effective, personalized experience will help your business to attract more and more traffic, which ultimately will generate higher revenues.

Here in this blog, let’s discuss some of the personalisation fundamentals and show how Sitefinity web development can help you manage and deliver the personalized content.

Why should You Personalize Your Web Content?

Everyone wants some special attention and this is what your visitors too want when they first click on your site. Whether it is through interactions with your site or through some other personalized content, they want to experience something that is related to their needs.  Personalized information when offered at the right moment in a specific content can help to increase the engagement and subsequently the conversion rates.

Earlier the conversions represented visitors purchasing something online, but today conversions have a much broader meaning which depends on the nature of the website and also on the nature of the company’s business. Today visitor’s journeys are getting more complex and the object of personalization holds much important in improving the conversions. Sitefinity CMS development helps to create personalized content depending on the customer behavior and offer then exactly what they need.

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For whom should You Create Personalized Content?

If you are already aware of the importance of personalized content in your website marketing, then the next big question is who you are personalizing the experience for, the very first thing is your audience and your website visitors.  For this, you can group and divide the audience based on some specific features so that you can easily target the different types of visitors with specific and relevant content.

Each segment or group should represent an established market and encapsulate one or more visitor characteristics. Here is how you can segment visitor’s data that you collect:

  • Demographic Data: This data will include personal details and setting which can be used to customize the services according to the specific user preferences.
  • Visitor’s Behavior Data: This data is gathered from the visitor’s behavior journey and is used for personalization and to hone the experience. It is used to guide the customers to specific products, web pages or other relevant content.
  • Hybrid Data: This is the mixture of both the types of data like time, preferences, IP address and interactions that helps to understand the customer journey and the context better.

Sitefinity website development allows you to gather visitor data by using the session IDs and browser information. It is by following the key segmentation methods and scoring models that you can target the right customer segment and build powerful conversations.

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