Best Practices for Notification Badges for iOS Apps

3 years ago
Badges for iOS Apps

We are well aware of how useful are the push notifications for the iOS apps in boosting engagement rate. It helps to notify the users about the ongoing offers and discounts as well as the new product launches. A part from that, there is another notification tool that is useful in driving the attention of the users, and it is a notification badge.

If you have invested in iOS app development, then it would be great to include this functionality in your app to gain interest of your user base.

What are Notification Badges?

Notification badges are circular dots that appears on the logo of the iOS app and can be created in various colours. They indicate the users about the latest notification within an app. The user can click on the notification or dismiss them if they don’t want to see.

In short, they have the ability to take the engagement level to the next level as they are a constant reminder to the users to check the notifications of the iOS apps.

Here are some best practices for the notification badges for iOS apps that you need to know:

Make the Clearing Process Smooth

It is importantfor the iOS app to have a badge count that can be cleared without any hassle. Having an app that generates high volume of badges with a difficult clearing process can make you lose your users easily. You need to ensure that your app should clear out the notifications at once the moment it gets clicked.

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Sync Content Strategy with Badging

It is recommended to build a content strategy by keeping the badging into main consideration. Always make the push notifications only when it is required the most, and opt for the badges to send out the content on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that badges are great for raising the curiosity level in the user’s mind. It creates a sense of urgency on seeing the badges count, and compels the users to click on them. This aids in increasing the overall click through rate.

To steer the customer engagement, notification badges of the iOS apps will be highly beneficial. Choose a trusted iOS app development company that can build a feature-enriched app along with the badges notification for your business. You can perform a detailed research on the internet to get effective search results faster.

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