Different Ways SharePoint Development Impacts the Communication in the Workplace

4 years ago
Different Ways SharePoint Development Impacts the Communication in the Workplace

Internal communications hold a very important place in your business and SharePoint development, which is a great collaboration tool has always played a big role in attaining a centralized, cohesive means to communicate with the employees. This is a direct result of its ability to offer flexibility, scalability and high availability in the world of business. SharePoint has always come up with new releases and there are latest features that need a little understanding so that users can unlock some of the biggest benefits of communication strategy.

Earlier business organizations solely relied on HR portals for training and other employee related business and these self-service portals helped to manage employee services like on-boarding, time, attendance, travel, time sheets, expenses, training and development, performance and many more. Now with more SharePoint development options, one can create the basic portals, which includes team sites, hubs and communication sites. But which one is the best for training and development?  Here in this blog, we will take a look at the communication features of SharePoint development and help you to understand its usage.

Microsoft 365 Communication Sites:

Office 365 users can have an option to utilize the communication sites and SharePoint communication site is a great platform that helps to share information with others. Users can share the news, statuses, and reports and any other visually compelling format. They often look great on the web and in various SharePoint mobile apps, on Mac and on PC.  The sites were created to become more interactive and engaging than any other traditional portals.

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Communication sites are basically focused to communicate a message to a wide range of audience where there are a small number of users, but large number of readers. The main purpose of your intranet is to communicate a story like corporate news or showcase the services or any information related to your benefits and other policies.

Microsoft Team Sites:

For the user who are using SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 or even Office 365, team sites are an option that is used for collaboration and communication. If you are looking for a place where the team members can work in a group or a project team can easily collaborate on the deliverables, track the status, plan an event or even exchange the ideas, then you Team Site is the best. SharePoint developers can use the Team Site to create a platform where the students can collaboratively work on the deliverables, manage and assign tasks and also have conversations about the work.

Microsoft Hub Sites:

The latest offering for Office 365 users is the addition of Hub sites that allows the users to create a family of site collections, which share common branding, search scope and navigation. This hub brings together all the related sites to roll up activities and news and simplify the search process to create a cohesion with shared look and feel and navigation.  It is also important to increase the visibility and the awareness and both the team site and communication sites push the content and information up to the hub site level.

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