How SharePoint Intranet Helps To Manage Work during the Corona Outbreak

4 years ago
SharePoint Intranet Management

When the world is facing the most crucial and testing time, business owners are trying to stay connected by offering the staffs a work from option. With this Corona viral attack, major economies are struggling hard to implement proper work and business strategies that can keep them going even during the lockout period.  IT firms, have specially resorted to remote work scenarios and one question that organizations are asking is how to manage the employees remotely?

No matter what size your business is, an intranet can help to consolidate information and improve communication across the company. With more and more employees working from home, a well-built intranet is crucial to ensure that everyone knows what is going on. SharePoint development is a collaboration tool developed by Microsoft that offers a wide range of functionalities that can keep your organization well connected and informed. Since its first release in the year 2001, SharePoint has undergone a lot of transformations that has made it one of the most used collaboration solutions for the past 20 years.

Why do You Need SharePoint Intranet for Your Business?

Even though you will find a variety of collaboration and communication solutions in the market, intranets offer unique capabilities. They put all the collaboration channels and activities together under one roof and this enables the organizations to ensure data consistency and centralized knowledge and offers a unified communication environment. Some key functions that corporate intranet include is:

  • Centralized access to enterprise data and knowledge
  • Unified multi-level communication
  • Well-coordinated internal and external collaboration
  • Secured device agnostic work environment
  • Uniform workflow and content management
  • Integrated collaborative environment

The biggest advantage of SharePoint is its adaptability and the platform comes with a huge set of out of the box features that can be extended with the custom one and this allows for creating unique SharePoint development solutions. Owning to its immense flexibility SharePoint intranet can become a comprehensive enterprise system that helps to cover multiple functional areas.

Features of SharePoint Intranet that Makes it Irresistible for the Staffs:

It is a psychological fact that people may need some time to adopt to the remote work environment during the lockdown period. SharePoint development companies in the U.K. offer immense support and help the organizations to build a digital workplace from the scratch. The power to leverage the features depends on the SharePoint developers and how well they can make use of it.

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Features that Make SharePoint Intranet an Inevitable Part of Your Enterprise During Pandemics:

Workflows and Forums:

In any organization, every mundane process from interview to simple leave application can be automated by using the process automation solutions. Intranets built on SharePoint development platform helps to develop workflows to make operations easier. The employees can now go paperless and this helps to reduce a lot of unnecessary work.

Manage Documents:

SharePoint intranet solutions also help to make the workplace greener and smarter by saving a lot of paper. The intranet solution helps to modify and send the documents effortlessly and it also has a powerful search option that helps to find any file from the whole organization’s repository. And all this can easily happen from a centralized access control. Only the authorized employees can access the documents and the security is also maintained throughout the process.

Easy Collaboration:

Working together and starting meetings online is easier with SharePoint development and employees can easily join through the app irrespective of their location. Video conferencing, co-authoring on documents and sharing of concept papers etc. is possible with the intranet. The results are higher productivity, happier employees and great user engagement.

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