Effective Strategies to Increase Your Visitor’s Time on Your OpenCart Ecommerce Site

4 years ago
Effective Strategies to Increase Your Visitor’s Time on Your OpenCart Ecommerce Site

Have you ever checked the analytics report of your OpenCart ecommerce store and felt that in spite of everything being perfect, why the bounce rate of your page is always high? Well this can happen to any e-store owner as there are numerous factors that contribute to increasing the bounce rate of your site. So if you want the users to spend more average time on your site, then it is important to consider some points that will help to reduce the bounce rate that may be killing your conversions.

No matter what your website focuses on, it is very important to keep your visitors engaged on your site so that they have a wonderful experience and keep returning to the site for more.

What is a Bounce Rate?

A website’s bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who leave the site only after viewing a single page. Though this rate may vary from site to site, a high bounce rate always indicates that the site has some issues that is preventing the users from exploring other pages of the site. These issues should be addressed immediately, or else there may be problems with your website generating sales and revenues.

Why is High Bounce Rate of Your OpenCart Ecommerce not Good?

A high bounce rate often symbolizes that your OpenCart website development is not doing anything that can attract the vested interest of the visitors. This means that the visitors will come to the site, view a single page and then without browsing the entire site or other pages or taking some form of action, will leave the site.

High bounce rate may also mean that your website doesn’t feature a well-organized and attractive landing page, a confused call to action at the home page or poor user interface.

Effective Ways by Which you can Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Ecommerce Site:

Check the Speed of Your OpenCart Site:

OpenCart ecommerce development platform comes with a lot of interesting features that can help to check the website speed. If you experience that the bounce rate is due to slow loading of the site, then ask your OpenCart developers to optimise the ecommerce site and boost the speed so that it takes less than 3 seconds to load or it would be hurting your sales.

Cool User Interface:

A clean and cool user interface can attract more users to your ecommerce site and keep them engaged. Make sure that your site is user friendly, easy to use and offers relevant content and images that are easy to read and understand. A simple design makes it easier to understand and also increase the conversion rate. You can hire an OpenCart development company in the U.K. to create a clutter free and simple design for your store.

High Quality Images and Videos:

Images and visuals play a great role in the success of your online ecommerce store. If your website has high quality graphics and visuals, then you can easily increase the average time spent by your website visitors. Add some high quality images of your products from various angles for the visitors to view and you can also add some product demo videos. But do optimise the images by using some editing tools so that they don’t slow down your site.

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Mobile Friendly Design:

Most website owners expect a lot of traffic to their site from mobile devices and tablets. So, it is imperative to make the OpenCart ecommerce site responsive, so that it not only delivers a great user experience from any device, but also allows the users to access the site from any location and at any time. Creating a mobile friendly design will help to boost the engagement and also increase the conversion by reducing the bounce rate of the website.

Even if you think that it is not possible to engage all your visitors, you can easily try to ensure that they are satisfied with the design, information and speed of the website. The key to success is to ensure that the customers stay on your website and browse it and make a purchase decision.