How to Reduce the Mobile App Development Timelines for Newly Emerging Startups

4 years ago
How to Reduce the Mobile App Development Timelines for Newly Emerging Startups

A market which is fraught with stiff competition, quick time to market is crucial to capture the audiences looking for your products or service. A mobile or website app development can help you make all the difference as it allows users to access the app from any device and from any location. Bespoke mobile app has actually revolutionised the modern technology oriented world and it is considered to be one of the best marketing tools for a growing business as it allows the users to have complete information at their fingertips.

But developing an app needs a lot of effort, expert coders, proper synchronization and etc. Because of the long process, the timelines suffer if you are not careful about the path chosen. With hundreds of apps like gaming apps, ecommerce apps, entertainment apps and etc. the process that you choose has a great impact on how fast you reach out to the customers.

Since it is difficult to follow the deadlines strictly, it is very important to take care of the quality and speed while choosing the right way for web and mobile application development.

Here is our guide that will help you increase both the speed and efficiency of your application and help you reach the market faster.

Choose the Latest Tools During the Development Process:

If you are developing an app for the android or iOS users, then there are certain tasks that you have to do, which includes designing, prototyping, coding, testing, debugging and etc. There are a few steps that have no short cuts, but you will always find some valuable tools like Xamarian, PhoneGap, NativeScript and etc.  that will help to reduce the development time by more than 50% and eliminate the time that you need to rewrite, and recompile codes to work across different platforms.

Using Wireframes to Design can Surely Help:

It is vital to know the information architecture of the mobile application that you are creating and wireframe designing is considered to speed up your mobile app development process. Every time you have a new customer approaching your developers, the first thing that they do is to focus on the design.

If you are not willing to consider wire framing, then two things happen like visual designing direction often disturbs and causes more confusion and secondly, your timelines will increase. Wireframes help to speed up the development process and while developing an app, it is a good idea to hire a professional mobile app development company.

Agile Development Helps to Boost the Speed of the Development Process:

Agile development methodology is all about using technologies and the latest trends for better productive results. About 70% of the mobile app development agencies in the UK use this process as no company is willing to take the risk of developing an app again and again. Flexible software solutions help to build open ended communication between app developers and app owners. And this accelerates the development process.

Focus on Creating an MVP:

One of the best practices while creating an Android app development is to launch the minimum viable product having the basic features and no frills. The MVP helps to collect the user data about what is functioning and what is not. You can use the build measure lean feedback loop to gather invaluable lessons about the customers and this approach reduces the risk element and makes it more appealing and successful.

Testing and Automation is Imperative:

Automated testing is done in the last phase of the web or mobile app development and special software are used for this purpose. Using automated tools helps to save a lot of time and also helps to enhance the performance of the app.

So, if you are a beginner, then get to know more about the testing and automation tools that can help you save both time and cost.