Multisite Management is No More a Daunting Task. Sitefinity CMS can Help

4 years ago
Sitefiniity Multisite Managementt

Increased productivity, quick time to market and high performance is what every website owner looks for and to attain this, they are adopting various measures and investing in technologies. Organizations are also becoming increasingly multi-faceted by creating new sites and a few microsites that can help in marketing campaigns and promotions.

Though it is easy to create multiple websites, but many organizations simply run into the challenge of managing them efficiently. Allocating each team to work dedicatedly on one site often drives higher costs of development, hosting and also creates a complex infrastructure which later on leads to inefficiencies in processes.  It is here that Sitefinity CMS development comes up with great multisite management features that make multisite become an easy task to handle.

Some Challenges Faced During Multisite Management:

There are many large organizations that manage a wide range of products, services and brands that have multiple websites and they try to manage their web assets on a case by case basis, which creates inefficiencies and also negative effects on the organizations. Some challenges are:

  • Increase in cost of implementation of design, integration and hosting
  • Incomplete and inconsistent customer data
  • Inconsistent web content across brands
  • Difficulty in creating customer centric experiences

How Sitefinity CMS helps Various Organizations?

Organizations Operating Globally:

There are many organizations that operate both regionally and globally and face various challenges. The regional departments manage the regional website, which includes development, hosting, consulting and etc. and the global team handles the international sites.

Sitefinity development comes up with an elegant solution that can handle multisite management as it facilitates a centralized approach for various aspects. It allows the organizations to centralize the implementation process, hosting, integrations information architecture, code base and user management while helping to offer geo specific information. Since large organizations are typically faced with a combination of varied challenges and they need a centralized means to manage both brand and regional infrastructure, Sitefinity offers the best means to manage all the digital assets.

Organizations with Distributors, Franchise Networks and Resellers:

There are organizations with large partnerships and franchises. A central unit is responsible for offering information, content and architecture, but the distributors have to maintain their own web presence. This of course needs that each distributor or franchise gets a quick access to the site that they manage independently and follow some guidelines, process and structure.

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Since such organizations have the same type of structure and requirements for their existing sites and centralization in a multisite scenario offers faster time to market and full proof solutions, hiring a Sitefinity development company in the UK can be the best option. Sitefinity allows the managers of the web assets to get the latest functionality and features and integrations as soon as they are upgraded or enhanced and this gives the organizations a more agile strategy to deliver improvements and upgrades at scale.

Organizations Running Microsites and Multiple Campaigns:

Microsites are often delicately timed and targeted campaign sites that usually have a simpler infrastructure and offers specific messaging content. They can either be static sites or dynamic ones with quick turnaround to support the timely campaigns. What these sites have in common is that all the microsites need to manage things that include:

  • The ability to create microsites in the fastest means possible
  • Ability to reuse the resources like digital assets, templates
  • Maintain a low cost of production at very high volume
  • Familiar framework across the microsites, so that one team can manage it easily

Sitefinity CMS development helps to reduce the cost per site and become a part of the centralized enterprise infrastructure that can be managed without having to compromise on the functionalities.