Sitefinity 12.0 Version Hosts a Lot of Features: Here’s What’s New!

4 years ago
Sitefinity 12

Gaining a competitive advantage with quick time to market and a greater return on the digital marketing investments and content campaigns is the core target of all online business owners. Choosing a feature rich CMS can help to create better experiences and also optimize for better results and at the same time remain competitive in the market.

The good news for the CMS customers and partners is that the new Sitefinity CMS 12.0 is the latest release, which contains a lot of new features and functionalities that help the business owners with new page templates, rule based Forms, ability to map the Form fields data and etc.

Here in this blog, I will share with you some of the most important features that Sitefinity 12.0 has come up for the users.

More Focus on MVC with Page Templates and Widgets:

Today, MVC is the preferred technology for implementation with Sitefinity and it is strongly recommended to use MVC for all the new projects. With the latest 12.0 release, only MVC and WebForm frameworks and templates are available for any new projects. For the existing projects, you have to work with the Web Forms if required and to enable the option, you can use a configuration in the Advanced Settings Section.

The WYSISYG Content Editor, MVC Content Block Widget:

Sitefinity 12.0 has come up with the new WYSIWYG content editor which was introduced in the year 2018. Now the content authors and marketers can easily enjoy a great editing experience and benefits when working with MVC Content block widget on pages. Sitefinity now helps to deliver intuitive and easy to use content and also manage the workflows and designs to streamline the day to day activities need to reinforce the brand consistency.

Remember that the rich text editor is only available for the MVC content block widgets and in case if the new content editing experience is switched on. Else the legacy content editor is used.

Dynamic Forms Based on a Set of Custom Rules:

Sitefinity 12.0 enables the publishers and marketers to create dynamic forms, which are based on the set of custom rules. With this capability, you can easily develop effective forms that display or even hide the form fields dynamically and then redirect the visitors to specific pages, based on the information that is provided.

Email Setting from a Central Place:

Website managers or administrators can easily manage their email settings. The campaigns and all the Sitefinity CMS development components that help to send notifications like the forums, comments, forms and etc. share the same settings which can now easily be configured from a single central screen.

With Sitefinity 12.0, you can now easily send the email notifications and also manage the notification subscriptions for various components of the application or system. In addition to this, the Sitefinity CMS also provides the marketers with powerful Email Campaigns management module, which allows the marketers to plan and run the promotional campaigns effectively.

Multi-Regional Deployment:

The multi-regional deployment is a highly recommended solution for the companies having presence in multiple countries or those who are planning to expand globally. CDN or Content Delivery Networks have successfully helped to speed up the delivery of the content to the end users across the globe, mostly the static content, like the images, JavaScript libraries and videos. The CDN also solves the problem for many static files.

Sitefinity CMS addresses the need of storing data in multiple regions by enabling the customers and partners to establish the CMS instances that often share common data across multiple regions.