Sitefinity Features That Support Best SEO Practices

4 years ago
Sitefinity SEO Features

A research conducted by Forrester has stated that about 93% of the internet traffic comes from the major search engines and to drive more and more traffic to the site, it is very essential that businesses optimize the site for the search engines and at the same time choose a CMS having some great SEO features.

Sitefinity is a rich CMS that comes with numerous predefined functionality that supports SEO so that users can take the advantage of the CMS settings and configurations and make their website conform to the best SEO practices.

Here we have Listed Some of the Key Areas that Sitefinity CMS Development Helps to Consider:

Conduct a Keyword Research:

Selecting and targeting appropriate keywords can either make or even break your SEO strategy and that is why it is crucial to research, which set of keywords you audience basically targets while searching for services and gaining information. Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud’s journey mapping features that help to track the customer behavior, check their profiles and allows multichannel data integration.

You can also view your Google Search Console accounts or use any paid tracking tools like SEMRush, MOZ and etc. This helps to add the content that is missing on your site and is important to target the customers.

Strengthen the Architecture of the Site:

It is very important, how efficiently your website content and backend architecture are developed and how quickly it can be indexed in the search engines and how fast you can increase your web engagement. Sitefinity comes up with a built in sitemap generator, canonical URL management, which allows the users to produce content, create customized and localized URLs for the search engines to crawl and create redirects.

The search engine indexing feature helps to define the different sets of content, which can be easily found through searching.

Promote On Page and Off Page Optimization:

A great means to establish credibility and brand presence is through off page and on page optimization. The truth is that more people talk about your brand and link your pages, the more it will improve your search engine rankings. It is by using Sitefinity’s built-in page editor that you can have complete control over on page content.

You can use the chosen target keywords phrases throughout your content’s header tags, meta tags, video files, image file names and external and internal links.

Helps to Go Mobile:

50% of Google search queries come from various mobile devices and with the continuous increase in mobile web usage, the importance of optimizing the type of content that the search engines deliver is vital to SEO success. A Sitefinity development company in the UK can take full advantage of the platform and create applications for the mobile.

Sitefinity offers responsive features with Accelerated Mobile Pages support out of the box. So, users can now customize the look and feel of the content for mobile users with Sitefinity.

Implement Strategic Content Marketing:

Creating a strategic content marketing plan that includes the topics and keywords found through research is an effective means to work towards attaining your long term SEO goals. Sitefinity developers can easily integrate the CMS with leading CRM and Market automation solutions like Salesforce, SharePoint, Marketo and etc.

So that they can easily create, execute and also track content marketing campaigns across varied channels.

Helps to Use SEO Analytics and Reporting:

By using web and content performance metrics, the users can see how their content performs for their business. with Sitefinity, you can easily create additional content around some specific topic to continuously optimize the SEO rankings. Sitefinity’s built in website and page level analytics helps to analyze the content’s performance and so make sure to consider the performance or your organic landing page, search analytics, site search and device breakdown.