What Things Should Be Included in Website Maintenance Plans?

2 years ago

Website requires maintenance time to time for ensuring the top-grade performance. It is no longer an optional task but a necessity to stay competitive in the market. Your search engine ranking will get significantly enhanced that will drive massive traffic towards your website.

A website that runs slow can never get viewers and their valuable time on their websites. When taking more than a few seconds to load, viewers don’t like to stay on the website and would like to leave the page or the site. This influences the ranking of the website as it will add to the bounce rate ultimately.

On the other hand, with regular website maintenance, you can detect security and performance related issues, and fix them on time. While choosing a maintenance plan, you need to make sure that it covers the essential services for keeping the best performance of the website.

Services for maintaining the website are available with a number of website maintenance company. They have impressive plans available at competitive cost. When considering services from such companies, it is important to consider their experience.

We will talk more about other considerations also that will help select the right website maintenance company, but first, a take on what you should look while hiring website maintenance plan.

Top Points to be Considered in website maintenance plan

Regular Updates

Running your website on the outdated software will negatively impact its performance. Make sure that you update your website as soon as the latest software version gets released in the market. You can improve the functionality of your website that will ensure long-term business success.

Updates to the websites is critical and offers this assurance that the site is running properly and there are no potential issues or downtime for the website. Maintenance has a number of other benefits as well that ensures your site’s overall performance.

Security Maintenance

Having a padlock sign next to the URL will indicate the fact that it is SSL certified and secure to open. It is imperative to have a security support in your maintenance plan. With the rising incidents of cyberattacks, this will keep your site immune against the hackers. Moreover, it will raise trust of the customers in your brand, which will get translated into higher sales performance.

The certification will also vouch for the site’s security form a number of vulnerabilities that websites can easily get affected with. Therefore, ensuring security maintenance is as crucial as assuring any other factor for securing the website.

Creating Back Ups

Whatever changes you do to your website, it is suggested to maintain a proper backup of it. You will be able to recover your website faster in case of cyberattacks or any other reason. This will make your business run efficiently without any halt. Your plan should definitely have the backup facility.

While taking up services for backing up the website, one thing that should always be kept into the mind is the services from a prominent website maintenance company. Experienced services ensure trusted backup as well as more traffic on the website.

Content Upgrade

A website needs to update the content on a regular basis to serve relevant information to the visitors. This is the key to increase their session length on the website. Apart from this, your search engine ranking will also get improved if you are active in terms of updating the content. Your maintenance plan should also provide this thing if you’re not getting sufficient time to do it on your own.

When content is regularly updated on the website, it gives ample time to check and update another website element also. Keeping websites up-to-date in regards to every element is required to keep its ranking higher in the search engines also. The better the ranking results the better visibility the website has.

24*7 Monitoring

A second of downtime can cause heavy loss to the business. Your unavailability can make your prospects turn towards the competitors. Thus, resulting in loss of customers, and sales. Just ensure that the maintenance plan should provide round the clock monitoring service to find out the issues and fix them before they become severe.

When figuring out and deciding on the monitoring services, have a look at the portfolio of the companies offering website maintenance services. Companies having a global exposure are always good to make content with. They will never compromise on the services and will ensure maximum output with their services.

Technology Updates

Updates regarding technology do not come very often but they are crucial to consider whenever they are rolled out. These updates generally have information about update on browsers on change in protocols. SSL certificates for bowsers are an example to web technology update.

These technology updates are important as they ensure the health of the website. These updates help websites to perform better ensuring a smooth functioning as well. Your website maintenance service provider will take care of this requirement from time to time.

Plugin, Extension, and Library Updates

Plugins and extension help websites to add on to the current website functionality. As websites have defined functionality and therefore when it comes to adding more functions, plugins, extensions and addition of library is important. For example- the functionality to add the payments always needs extensions on the website.

These updates are greatly important for CMS-based platforms and websites that are custom-coded. Moreover, the task needs a lot of time and efforts and therefore assistance from experienced maintenance service provider is required. The plugins and libraries can easily be added to extend the functionality.

Website Core Update

These updates are more frequent. These are monthly updates that the users can see much frequently. Website core update is much related to backed code update. In case of a CMS or content management system like WordPress, the website owners need to install and update themselves.

The best thing about WordPress is the search engine itself notifies about the update and therefore making or updating the changes becomes easier. The process of making change is also easier for developers.

Speed Update

The speed of a website is a factor in its overall performance over the internet. The speed largely affects the interest of the users over the website. When it (the website) loads faster and has an impressive outlook, it is sure to have an exceptional impact on the users. Therefore, ensuring an experience that compels users to stay on the website requires updating the website speed.

Websites that load slowly will probably have a performance drop every now and then. Therefore, keeping an eye on the speed of the website is very much crucial for the health of the site. It also will offer the assurance that the website is serving greatly to the requirements of the people browsing through the website.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of your website from time to time helps to find out its area of improvements as well as the areas that are performing perfectly fine. You could ask your website maintenance company for a weekly or a monthly report in order to get insightful website analytics.

The key set ups that must be considered in performance monitoring are broken link, uptime, the speed of the website, the performance of the server, number of active users and so on. There are a number of other factors also that can be analysed including user engagement and demographics.


Websites are always vulnerable to hacking and there could be errors in the code too. To solve the issue of being a victim of such an attempt, it is always better to have website backup so that important website data can be kept secure and the valuable user data can be kept away from the reach of unauthorised access.

The backups can be set for automatic process or it can be done manually. However, the latter has always the scope for error and therefore it is good to hire services from website maintenance service provider through a well-suited plan for the business.

Technical Emergencies

There could be emergency situations when you have a website and thus you need regular maintenance. These situations may happen once in a while but they need immediate attention to rectify the error by resolving that technical emergency immediately. These situations may include website being hacked, issues with codes, or plugins, and so on.

Being prepared for such situations is critical as it would require resolving the emergency as soon as possible. However, if you are regularly updating your website, these situations can be kept at a distance. Even though such a situation occurs, ensure your team is quick in fixing the issue.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimisation is crucial because it helps websites to meet the needs of the customers or clients. SEO services provide the needed result when services are being taken on a regular basis. Not only it helps to maintain the website with all the security elements in place but also ensure the website gets a rank in search engine result.

Search engine optimisation requires a number of elements to be performed effectively. Goals like targeting the right keyword, creating unique and interesting content for users, getting added traffic on the website and having enough backlinks are just some of the goals of a larger list that SEO services will offer. An effective website maintenance plan will help to achieve these goals.


Design very often doesn’t form a part of a website maintenance plan but it has a crucial impact on the clients due to aesthetic elements. Design, of course, is not as important as a plugin update but this aesthetics can be a reason for users to stay on the website for longer time period.

The update in design doesn’t mean changing the logo of your website every now and then, it is more about checking the responsiveness of the website in order to ensure that users can easily navigate and browse through the website without any issue. Your Google analytics and heat mapping software will help to implement the right design change.

The Bottom Line

For maintaining your website in the right way, it is important to choose the maintenance plan from the reputed website maintenance services. They will provide a comprehensive maintenance solution that will match up with your business requirements.

When contacting a maintenance service provider, you will get to know about a number of packages. Different packages have different pros and therefore, it is crucial to know about these plans and choose the one that will suit the brand requirement and the brand persona.

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