Why Application Maintenance and Support is an Area to Keep Watching

4 years ago
Application Maintenance and Support

In this ever changing technology driven business world, change is the only constant. Today, technology is transforming how we do business by helping to stay relevant. Organizations need to be proactive in embracing the latest technologies so that it helps to manage the changing consumer expectations, improve the digital channels, create smarter products and etc.

All applications also need to perform consistently in order to satisfy the demand for rapidly increasing innovation and also maintain a high level of service quality. Great maintenance also helps to restore existing application service operations.

Some Market Highlights:

The application maintenance and support service market is estimated to expand at 22% CAGR in the period of 2017-2023. which will lead to the rapid development in the existing infrastructure. In order to fulfill the rapid increase in innovation and also maintain the high level service quality, cost effective application support service will be required.

Again with the increased adoption of ready-made application development solutions, many application support processes are likely to gain traction during the forecast period. All readymade solutions will help to reduce the complexities in the management and deployment of such services.

The solutions can be re-used and this reduces the cost of launching new products which makes them more economical. With the rise of mobile applications, the demand for support and maintenance services will also increase in the coming period.

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With this increase in web and mobile apps, there will be a high investment in application security, which will also increase the expenditure budget in IT applications. But application maintenance and support services will have a long term benefit for business organizations.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Application Support Service Providers:

All support engineers or technical staffs should have great working knowledge of database management or various operating systems and different programming languages.

Identify and Evaluate the Technology Solutions:

Whether it is Magento or Drupal application, support staffs are responsible for using technology to improve business performance and strategy. The duty also involves using complex problem solving skills to brainstorm software solutions and then work in small groups while performing their duty consistently to address any issue.

Problem Solve and Troubleshoot:

Magento website maintenance and support engineers are the first technical staff to identify the root cause of the malfunction of any application, but sometimes they may also find an issue which may be too severe for them to address. It is their duty to take quick action and escalate the issue to senior technical staffs so that they can formulate a plan and address the case and help to maintain the performance of the site or app.

Effectively Work with Cross Functional Teams:

Offering web or application support is not a one person show.  Since they often work with their support team on a daily basis and contribute to the overall needs and strategy, the entire technical team should have the ability to work together in the most effective manner. This will help to solve any website issues quickly and keep the site performing without any downtime.