Why Is Now the Best Time to Upgrade to Magento 2

4 years ago
Why Is Now the Best Time to Upgrade to Magento 2

The final sunset for Magento 1 has already been announced and the platform will reach its end of life in June 2020. The announcement has been made to ensure that the customers using Magento 1 have enough time to take a secure decision about upgrading their digital platform. According to our experts, platform upgrades are the best time for positive digital transformation in the organizations, which reflects as to what features are functioning well and what needs improvements when moving forward.

With this announcement, some retailers have just rushed to make a switch to Magento 2, but there are thousands who are daunted by the cost and time involved and have hesitated to make the switch.

What does this Magento 1 End of Support Mean to the Users?  

The end of support means that all the security patches will come to an end and Magento 1 retailers will have no support to meet their variety of challenges.

  • Most payment gateways need a quarterly PCI compliance to be conducted on the store and without proper security patches and security, the store cannot pass the PCI scans, which will leave business owners unable to accept credit cards after the support system has ended.
  • Updating the site will also become a challenging task as new extensions will no longer be available for Magento 1. All Magento developers will highly focus on creating Magento 2 extensions, leaving the old version without support.
  • Security is an important factor and maintaining it on its own is highly expensive and of course a tedious task. It is better to re-platform rather than maintaining own security and spending huge money.

Make Your Move to Magento 2 – Some Core Reasons:

Enhanced Speed and Scalability:

One core reason to upgrade to Magento 2 is site performance. The platform can handle 10 million views per hour compared to Magento1 where it is restricted to 200 thousand only. Magento 2 development also decreases the page loading time by about 50% and can handle 39% more order per hour compared to Magento 1.

Search Engine Friendly:

Magento 2 is constructed keeping in mind a great front end design, this makes it very easy for the users to browse the site from any device, which includes the desktop, mobile, tablet and etc. This helps the site to boost the SEO ranking on the SERPs since Google algorithms prefer websites that are mobile responsive.

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Faster Checkout System:

Magento 2 comes with an enhanced checkout process, which is more streamlined and is 38% faster than Magento 1. The users can easily checkout without any registration and those who are already registered are identified on the basis of their email address. The order placing process is also simple and this helps to improve the customer experience.

Ready to Serve the New Markets:

Reaching out to the global market is the core target of every business and this is only possible if your brand has gained good popularity.  However, it is also important that your ecommerce store is created to support the latest demands of the market.  Magento 2 has features that help to expand the business from B2B to B2C targeting a new geographic location or launching a new vertical. This helps to target global audience and sell the right product to the right visitor.