7 Essential Factors to Consider While Looking for a BigCommerce Development Agency

2 years ago

Ecommerce industry is growing faster. Every day new store is getting launched that has increased competition. Needless to mention that establishing an alluring online presence is crucial to capture attention of your potential customers. You need to select a suitable eCommerce platform to create your store. 

When it comes to choosing a reliable eCommerce platform, a large number of options available online such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart, etc. Amongst them, BigCommerce is a great option to go with. It is a popular eCommerce platform that offers advanced features to build a store for modern day users. 

Reasons to Choose BigCommerce Platform for Your Store 

If you have plans to develop a multi-functional eCommerce store, it is best to opt for BigCommerce development. It comes with excellent capabilities and functionalities that can take your business to newer heights. You are one step closer towards building your dream eCommerce store using BigCommerce. 

Now, let’s explore the reasons why BigCommerce is perfect for creating an eCommerce store: 

Easy to Use 

Setting up an eCommerce store using BigCommerce is not a challenging task. You don’t have to be technically proficient to operate it. What you need to is to follow some steps for its quick set up. Overall, it provides smooth on-boarding experience to users that’s why it has a great adoption rate these days. 

Customisation Capabilities 

BigCommerce provides great customization options to personalise the store’s look and feel. You can have a bespoke design that matches your brand and sets you distinct from competitors. 


Optimising your eCommerce store as per the latest SEO trends is recommended to stay competitive. BigCommerce adheres to up-to-date SEO practices to improve discoverability of your store online. Be it auto-optimising meta titles, URLs, or creating keyword enriched information, its role is indispensable. 

Mobile-Friendly Themes & Templates 

Design plays a decisive role in your eCommerce store’s success. BigCommerce offers a plethora of themes and templates to choose from. All our mobile responsive and designed to deliver an impeccable user experience across multiple mobile devices. 

Accepts International Payments 

BigCommerce offers multi-currency option, and accepts payments in more than 100 currencies. Customers can shop from all across the globe that will extend your business reach. Your sales performance will get a significant boost. 

24*7 Customer Support 

BigCommerce provides 24*7 access to technical support team. Whenever you run into any technical glitch, just reach out to them for speedy and effective solution.  They are available round the clock for assistance. 

A Checklist for Choosing BigCommerce Development Agency 

There are many BigCommerce development agencies online. It becomes cumbersome to take right decision. When you have knowledge of what needs to be done while searching for BigCommerce professionals, you can make a quick and meaningful decision. 

Here are some factors that should be checked before finalising any BigCommerce development agency: 

Understand Your Business Requirements 

“Outlining project’s goals and objectives can help gain clarity on what you need to do to achieve them”. 

Having a proper idea what your project’s needs is important to proceed things in a smoother way. Whether you want a small or a large BigCommerce store, you should know this from the beginning of your project. What design and features you wanted in particular should be clear before starting development work. 

Set Your Budget 

“Setting a budget provides a fair estimate of how much the project will cost.” 

Budget is an important factor to consider while building a BigCommerce store. Your features specification is enough to provide a gist of the project’s cost. Stick to that costing and start searching for agencies that can accomplish your business goals within that amount. Request for free quotes from them, and opt for the one that matches your budget. 

Extensive Research Online 

“A thorough research online helps to find out industry’s professionals to work on your project”. 

Market study is important to know about the leading agencies in this niche. You can prepare a list that you think might would be right to approach. Just connect with them to discuss your project’s requirements. If they understand your vision and ready to work under your budget, you should sign the contract. 

Learn About Agency’s Experience 

“A portfolio is an evidence that reflects the work experience and quality of deliverables to clients.” 

Experience truly matters in building a flawless eCommerce store. Make sure the agency that you choose should be equipped with adroit BigCommerce developers.  One of the best ways to evaluate their competency is to go through the agency’s work portfolio. You can get a better idea of their service quality and project types they have handled in the past. 

Check Client’s Testimonials  

“Testimonials aid in learning credibility and reliability of an agency in the market”. 

Another way to evaluate skills and competency of any agency is to read the opinions of their previous clients. Positive reviews are an indication that a BigCommerce agency is safe to work with. You can hand over your project without any hesitation. While negative reviews can put a question on their market credibility. 


“Ensuring quick turnaround time for a project helps to attain an upper edge over your competitors”.  

As a business owner, you want your BigCommerce store launch as soon as possible. Depending on the complexity of project, your agency will provide an estimated time for completion. Make sure that they have a proven track record of delivering projects within a stipulated time period. 

Post-Launch Support 

“Once your store gets live, post-launch support is required to keep up the good performance”.  

No matter how great your store’s functionality is, it can run into error any time. To ensure its proper functioning, you should focus on its maintenance. Select an agency that offers BigCommerce support and maintenance services to ensure store’s faultless performance. 


Choosing a suitable BigCommerce development agency is a crucial decision. Keep in mind that your project’s success will be assured by collaborating with top professionals. While making any decision, you should apply tips that are mentioned in this post to get effective outcomes.