All You Should Know About Magento Data Migration Tool

1 year ago

Running a website on the latest Magento version should be the topmost priority of the merchants. Magento keeps on releasing its version time to time that comes with security fixes and features enhancements. It can’t be avoid at all owing to the performance reasons.

As Magento migration is a critical process, it should be performed carefully. With the availability of data migration tool, it has become less stressful to transfer data from old to the latest Magento version. In turn, it has saved ample time of the merchants to focus on the core business operations.

What exactly is Magento Data Migration Tool?

A Magento Data Migration Tool is a command line interface that is used by the merchants to migrate their Magento website to the latest version with an ease. With this tool, it becomes convenient to validate the data consistency between Magento 1 and Magento 2, tracking down the progress of data transfer, and lots more.

Advantages of Magento Data Migration Tool

No Installation Charges

One of the best perks of the data migration tool is that you don’t have to pay a single penny on the installation part. But, you need to pay for the data volume that needs to be transferred.

Proper Documentation

Another perk of such tool is that it provides the users a detailed guide for using the data migration tool that will aid in overcoming all the obstacles during the migration process.

Flexibility in Data Transfer

With the help of the data migration tool, you will get the improved flexibility to move the data. You will get three migration modes: settings mode, data mode, and delta mode. Choose any one by considering your needs. This helps in the data transfer in a secure and efficient manner.

Disadvantages of Magento Data Migration Tool

Excellent Technical Knowledge is Important

Magento migration is a challenging process that involves lots of issues, and can result in data loss. This is why it is mandatory to have solid technical skills.


Once the data migration is done, you need to opt for the maintenance mode for your Magento 1 system, which will cause a downtime for a certain time period.

No Extended Support

Magento does not provides additional support apart from the documentation mentioned above. You will be solely responsible for the migration results.

Hire a trusted Magento migration service that has prior experience on working on the data migration tool. They’ll have prior experience in using that tool with an efficacy. With detailed research online, you’ll be able to derive the best search results.

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