Is Moving to Magento 2 a Right Decision and a Good Investment

3 years ago
Is Moving to Magento 2 a Right Decision and a Good Investment

By this time business owner must be aware of the fact that Magento 1 is going to end its support and it’s time to switch to Magento 2 or any other ecommerce platform. Switching from the old to the new is never an easy task as it needs a lot of planning and strategy development. with the Magento 1 life coming to an end, the number of merchants wanting to migrate to Magento 2 has increased in numbers.

But one question that may come to your mind is that whether it is a good idea to migrate to this version? Will it really offer great benefits to the business? Let’s see the answers:

What is Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform?

This is the second version of the most popular ecommerce platform and it is used by more than 25% business organizations. Some business need a more customized solution and Magento comes up with great features that help to enhance the functionalities of the ecommerce store in just simple steps.

Is it the Right Time to Upgrade Now?

Whether you should make a switch to Magento 2 development depends basically on your business needs and plans. If you are running an outdated version and compromising the performance of your e-store, then this is the right time to migrate. An investment to the latest version is a smart means to give your existing store a change to enjoy all the latest features of the advancement version that it has to offer. Your Magento 2 development company can now offer you the below mentioned advantages.

Better Performance:

Magento 2 has better features and functionalities which will increase the overall website performance of the site by 20% and this is a huge improvement which is especially very important for large ecommerce stores that can hold thousands of products. The improvements will help to achieve full page caching, reduced server load, improved user experience and etc.

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Responsive Design:

Users are now moving more towards using mobile and surfing the internet. They are also making purchase online and it is crucial for any website to be mobile responsive which is not available in Magento 1 version. Magento 2 development is responsive and this will help to attract the mobile users to the store. Creating a responsive design means that you will be able to show your presence on all the devices in a consistent manner.

Improved Backend Admin Features:

In Magento 1, the backend admin is very difficult to understand and navigate and use. For those without technical skills, it is difficult to use. But this is not so with Magento 2 as it can sort the products using the new grid view, which is perfect for the average users.

Improved Checkout Process:

Magento 2 has now come up with improved 2 stage checkout process and this has helped business owners to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate and stop them from going elsewhere. An easy checkout helps to run the ecommerce store successfully.

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