Areas That a Website Health Checkup Includes and Why You Need to Do One

4 years ago
Website Health Checkup Areas

Your website is the most valuable marketing asset of your business and it also serves as the initial contact point that the customers have to connect with your brand. Having a strong online presence in the search engines is important to attract the eyeballs and for that it is imperative to have a healthy website.

But how can you confirm if your website is healthy or not?

Often when we create a website, customers expect it to work flawlessly forever.  But when they access the site and have to spend a lot of time just because the technology that the site is using is out of date or some plugins are not working or it takes a lot of time to load, then it becomes the scariest of all. Many times outdated sites also become the victims of cyber criminals.

Is your business visible at the top of the search engines?

While most businesses show up in Google searches when properly optimized, but some sites struggle to show up for their company name and this means that your website is not well optimized for the search engines and searchers are unable to find you on Google.

Is your CMS website optimized for the mobile?

With users switching to mobile devices to access various sites, your business website developed by using Sitefinity, Drupal, WordPress or Magento should be highly optimized to draw the web traffic towards it. And now Google prefers websites that are highly optimized for the mobile in Google search results. You can check this by analyzing the mobile traffic for your website.

Are you getting any enquiries or leads from your Ecommerce website?

If your website is performing well, then it is likely that you will get a lot of enquiries and leads via your website as people will visit the site for your services. But in case your website is not generating any leads, then it is time to consider a thorough health check of your CMS or eCommerce website.

What will Your Website Health Check Involve?

Strategic issues:

Does your website have a proper marketing or development strategy for expansion and growth? With new products or services to launch, there may be technical or legal trends and there are various changes occurring outside the organization that impact the organization. Your eCommerce or CMS website health check can help you to create a great business strategy that will add value to your business.

Features and content of your CMS or eCommerce website:

Is your content accurate, up to date and readable for your target audiences? Are there any new mediums that you can add to keep your audience engaged with your site? A through website health check can help you identify the features that need to be added to the site. In case you have added some new functionalities, then check whether they are appropriate and working.

Marketing and promotion:

To make your business successful, it is crucial to have a marketing and promotional plan for the products and services. A website health checkup can help to understand the audience’s behavior and their likes and dislikes. Based on this data, website owners can create paid ads or promotional materials that are personalized and created keeping in mind their preferences.