Best Ecommerce Checkout Trends to Improve the Customer Experience

4 years ago
Ecommerce Checkouts

Every ecommerce business has one motive that is to convert the visitors to sales and help them with a wonderful shopping experience. But many times it is seen that people leave their transaction or their shopping cart incomplete and move to some other sites to purchase the product.

The checkout stage of your ecommerce site is one of the most crucial elements of the conversion funnel and any drop offs can easily be prevented. The traffic that reaches the checkout is of high value and with maximum customers reaching this stage are eager for the purchase.

Ecommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify are highly popular nowadays and come with rich features that help to enhance the shopping experience and boost the security of the site. But this fast, feature rich yet safe juxtaposition can often place a lot of burden on the retailers and urge them to add some extra steps to provide the increased security.

Though there are various ways to meet the growing customer expectations, the best means is to prioritize the user experience.

Here in this blog we will discuss some of the latest trends that retailers should watch out to improve the ecommerce development checkout process:

Reduce the Checkout Friction and Observe Double Conversion Rate Gains:

About 66% visitors abandon the ecommerce website while opening an account or while doing a transaction due to friction, which may be the process taking too long time. This is a matter of concern as shoppers who abandon the checkout process are not likely to return to the site again. Reports have stated that any ecommerce site can gain about 35.26% increase in the conversion rate through better checkout experiences.

Offer Alternative Payment Options for Both Debit and Credit Cards:

Offering your customers, a wide range of payment methods can be a great means to improve the conversion rate as it will help them to choose the option that they find most convenient for them. Any retailer who are unable to offer the alternative payment method may be losing out with a lower conversion rate.

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Offering more financial choice is beneficial for both the shoppers and retailers and it fulfills the shopper’s desire to purchase any product without any hurdles.

POS Lending at Checkout Helps Shoppers with Easy Approval Key:

The POS lending option, which means fixed payment loads for shoppers willing to make the payment over time can increase the chance of a successful checkout process. The POS financing has been there for a while, its enhanced integration offers a better purchase process, better Magento ecommerce development experience and implementation of the newer business models.

To make this successful, an ecommerce development company can help to have an authorization process that secures both the customers and the merchant.

Initiatives for Consumer Protection should be the Priority:

There are many website protection laws like the GDPR, which help to protect the personal information shared by the visitors and maintain its privacy. If your ecommerce development website abides by such laws, then visitors will find it safe to carry out a transaction and this will lead to more businesses.

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