Common Website Security Vulnerabilities that You Should Know

3 years ago
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Website maintenance is one thing that every business should focus on carefully. Today, there are still many businesses that takes website maintenance and security seriously only after facing a cyber-attack. This is definitely not a thing to appreciate as it can make your business suffer in the long run.

Maintaining your website consists of the activities that will ensure its smooth and flawless performance. Website security is amongst them that you should never overlook at any cost. There are many website maintenance services that can handle this area with an efficacy.

In this post, we’ve discussed about the most common website security vulnerabilities that you should get protection from. Let’s take a quick look at them to know more:

Exposing Sensitive Information

The sites that are not regularly maintained often faces problem related to the sensitive information exposure. This could be detrimental to their business growth and development. While dealing with the confidential information, you have to make sure that it should be encrypted while passing it to within or outside the network.

Broken Authentication

A session ID and cookie has been created each time a valid session gets established. Within these cookies, all the sensitive information gets stored. After the session expiry, the data remains intact inside the system. Taking advantage of this vulnerability, hackers can easily get access and can change or leak any information.

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Misconfiguration of the Security

When the security of the website, database, and web server are not configured in the right manner, it will provide the hackers to get unauthorized access to your important data. The root causes for misconfiguration includes usage of outdated software, exposure of information related to error handling, etc.

SQL Injection Error

Passing of the unfiltered data (not filtered by the SQL server) can result in the injection flaws. This will carry the attacker’s commands that can cause data loss and exposing sensitive information. You have to filter all the data first if wanted to win over this problem.

Hire Website Maintenance Experts to Fix Vulnerabilities

If you are finding it hard to maintain your website on a regular basis and facing security related issues, then you can look for the website maintenance experts for this purpose. They will quickly resolve all the website related vulnerabilities in the least possible time. So, it would be great to conduct an extensive research online before choosing any option.

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