How Live Chat Integration can Help Your Ecommerce Store to Boost Sales

4 years ago
Live chat interation with ecommerce

There are plenty of factors that are inviting the customers to switch to online shopping instead of visiting a brick and mortar store. Ecommerce will gain more popularity in the coming years and will help business owners expand their wings. But to stay ahead in the market competition, it is necessary for you to implement some tools that can make the customer experience better and also help to drive more sales.

Live chat integration in your ecommerce development store is a great way to generate sales and it also offers instant assistance to the customer if used in a proper way. Here in this blog post, we will examine the different ways by which live chat can help to boost ecommerce business:

Delivers a Virtual Brick And Mortar Experience:

A brick and mortar experience is all about the customer service, human interaction, guidance to the visitors, recommendations and etc. All these experiences can be easily delivered on an ecommerce website with live chat integration. Instead of leaving the customers to pursue in isolation, live chats help them to choose the right product, offer alternatives, solve any queries in an effective way. Offering this on the home page makes the visitors feel more welcome on your ecommerce store.

Helps to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment:

Imagine you walk into a brick and mortar store and don’t find anyone who can guide you to purchase the product. What will you do? Leave the store and go to the next obviously.  Same is the case with an ecommerce website and if your doubts or queries are not answered, you will most probably switch to another site. Luckily, you have the live chat box option that offers solutions to help combat this shopping cart abandonment.

Features like visitor segmentation, recommendations and a proactive chat can keep your visitors engaged during the different states of the customer journey and help the ecommerce vendors to boost their sales online.

Builds Trust through the Live Chat Interface:

You can ask your ecommerce development company in the U.K. to integrate a live chat into your site, but can it help to build your brand reputation? When it comes to your customers seeing that they can easily interact with you, they build some sort of trust with your brand. Since live chat helps to solve any issues that the visitors might face, it is an essential component that helps to increase online sales. It makes the customer feel comfortable and this will make them inclined to trust you and also want to talk to you.

Once you engage them in a personalized conversation, they are going to consider recommendations that can give a credible and ultimate shopping experience.

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Helps in Identifying the Pain Points:

It’s very important to personalize the sales approach and ensure that you are building the trust through branding. If you are truly looking to increase online sales by using live chat, then start identifying the pain points. It is through your ecommerce live chat option that you can gain insight into any loopholes in your business strategy and reviewing them will help you to boost the conversion rate.

Live chats can not only help to increase online sales but also evaluate losses and help you in making some changes in your business strategy.

Stay Available 24/7 Through AI:

About 58% of the shoppers turn to ecommerce store rather than physical stores because of their 24/7 availability. Today’s buyers are very busy and don’t have much time to visit physical stores always. Since ecommerce stores deliver the products home, it saves a lot of time for the shoppers.  Live chat together with AI has helped businesses to connect their visitors with agents and also allows them to use the chatbot offerings.

Live chat on its own can save the companies money as it helps to engage with the customers 24 hours a day. Effective chatbots also serve as advanced knowledge base that helps the visitors with answers for their queries about shipping costs, return policy, delivery times and etc.