How Magento Supports the Development of an Ecommerce Mobile App

4 years ago
Ecommerce Mobile App

While travelling a few weeks back, a techno magazine column caught my attention, which stated the need to create a mobile app for ecommerce business. Though I am not a techie nerd, but I loved to read the write-up as it stated some tips about why one should use Magento to reach out to the mobile audience. It stated that the flexible features of Magento are simply great for the developers to create mobile applications.

Ecommerce business owners are aware that Magento development is the engine of ecommerce website platforms and it powers most of the online stores. And that includes many Fortune 500 big brands too. With more than 260000 merchants site built on Magento and over 28% of the total mobile apps in Magento, it has gained much popularity and has a proven record for creating a secure, feature rich, scalable and affordable mobile apps. The modular architecture offers control to the e-merchants and there are no constraints on the business processes or business flows.

Do you have an ecommerce website? Here is how your Magento mobile application can be an extension to your Magento store

Ecommerce mobile application development acts as an extension to your online store and with increased market competition in the online shopping world, perfect designing and developing of an e-store together with a highly optimized mobile app is a vital asset for your business. With great UI/UX, your business can now offer the best shopping experience for the users and customers.

With your Magento mobile app, your users can easily visit the store repeatedly and purchase more from the website and this can help to increase both sales and also the customer loyalty.  Creating a Magento mobile application is the next step where you can set up the trends in your industry and your competitors are trying to catch with you.

Your Magento app should be well designed, but the focus should be on its performance:

A great looking website with easy to use interface helps the audience to browse the site easily and gather information about your business and products. But if your visitors have to wait for a longer time for any information, then chances are high that you would lose business opportunities. In order to avoid this problem, you have to optimize the app performance with better API communication. API acts as a bridge between the backend and the ecommerce mobile app. The seamless communication between both make the data easily available on any device, anywhere and anytime.

How to use Magento to make the shopping experience easy and smoother?

Navigation plays a crucial role in your ecommerce mobile app and it is very important to keep it simple so that the users can easily navigate the whole site. You should not make the checkout process complicated and hiring a Magento development company in the U.K. may help you to make the business operations smoother and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Some advantages of developing a Magento mobile app

If you are the owner of a rich ecommerce solution offering complete flexibility and control over your business assets, content and functionality, then creating a mobile app can help you to reach out to a wider audience spread all over the globe.

Flexibility: The Magento 2 version offers great possibilities for almost infinite evolution and control and single products or multiple products and customization can be easily put under a single application

Multilingual support: Magento apps supports different languages and this helps to target the local audience of a particular region. Customers can easily understand the information and search for their desired products with ease.

One-page checkout:  Magento mobile apps can be highly optimized with one Page checkout. It allows one click payments and the guest users can also skip the registration process. With an integrated checkout, things become much easier.

Security: Magento comes with numerous security extensions and patches together with regular updates. To boost the security of your app, you can also add an SSL certificate and run a two-step authentication process.