How Magento New Release Can Help You to Secure Your Online Store?

5 years ago
How Magento New Release Can Help You to Secure Your Online Store

Ecommerce websites are always very attractive targets to the cyber criminals because the stores use features that are related to personal information and payment options that are needed to complete the sales. Even if the system doesn’t carry the process credit card transactions, the site may reroute the customers to a false web page or even alter the sales order before it moves to the payment processor.

What have You Preferred to Use as Your eCommerce Platform?

There are many eCommerce platforms that help to create websites for your online business store. But remember that a compromised site can have long term disadvantages, both for the customer and the merchants.  The customers might suffer a financial loss or any identity theft issue and the site owners can face a major damage to their reputation, threat of lawsuits, loss of merchandise and etc. Magento is a reliable platform that supports the merchants’ needs for a secure and high performing website.

Adobe recently announced the latest version of Magento Open Source 2.3.3 and it has come up with latest security patch that is now available. The latest release includes various security enhancements along with various performance improvements.

The Magento Open Source 2.3.3:

The latest Magento Open Source release has come up with some important changes to the native payment integrations that comply with many new European directives and introduces the PHP 7.3 support.  Since the security support for PHP 7.1 is reaching its end, it is very important for you to plan and take action so as to stay PCI compliant. It is highly recommended to upgrade and ensure that your online store stays compliant and also maintains the highest security levels and performance.

Major Highlights That are Included in The Magento Open Source 2.3.3:

Security: Magento has come up with the latest security features that help to strengthen the platform and reduce the backlog by focusing and solving any issues that are reported. It has now included almost 100 security fixes in the patch.

Enhanced performance: Better shopping experience and faster loading time are now possible by displaying the text while the web fonts load in the background. The non-critical CSS items are moved to the end of the loading queue.

Magento development has also reduced the number of requests that go back to the server and this helps to reduce the resource consumption and increase the throughput. With such changes and other performance enhancements, it is possible to improve the Google Page Speed insights score about 5 points in some instances.

Quality: More than 190 product quality enhancements in various critical areas of the platform that include Catalog, Sales and Checkout modules are made.

Some Product Enhancements Include:

Yotpo:  Magento has come up with some new addition to the core code as a vendor bundled extension. Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform which helps the brands to drive growth can also reduce the development cost.

Admin user experience research: The Magento Open Source has also introduced the tracking of the actions of the users and events from the Admin panel to enhance the user experience and improve the product design.

Google shopping ads channel:  This extension is now a part of our core Magento code and the integration allows the merchants to sign up and leverage the benefits without downloading the extension from the marketplace.

The new security patches are lighter and very easy to deploy. It also offers the fixes for the vulnerabilities that are identified recently against the previous quarterly patch. So, keep yourself updated about the latest patches and know how to install them for the best results.