How to Keep Your Sitefinity Website Operational Even During the Lockdown Period

4 years ago
How to Keep Your Sitefinity Website Operational Even During the Lockdown Period

This is the time when people all over the globe are living under new protocols like self-quarantine, social distancing, maintaining hygiene and etc. In such crucial moments, we all need to do our part to thwart the spread of the disease, but at the same time it is also the best moment when you can plan something new for your business and prepare it for future.  In the spirit of implementing something new and business continuity the business to business behaviors too need to be addressed.

Though some of the industries are hit harder during this lockdown period, but simply waiting and watching won’t help. Taking some time out and planning a strategy to boost the performance of your site and create better engagements will help to bounce back easily when things get normal.

Today, most business owners prefer to use a CMS for their website and Sitefinity development is a popular platform that offers the users complete control on their web content. Since more and more consumers are reading the information shared on the website and also watching videos or images of the products, it is important to figure out how they can be kept occupied and engaged with rich Sitefinity website features.

Here in this blog, I will share with you some interesting ideas that will keep your Sitefinity website operational even during the lockdown period:

You can Set up a PPC Campaign for Your Business Website:

Hiring a professional Sitefinity development company in the UK can help you to plan a PPC campaign properly and attract genuine customers to your site thereby increasing business opportunities. With so many people staying at home, having very little thing to do, this is the right time to make your website visible to them as they are searching the web more than before. Invest wisely on PPC campaigns and select the keywords that have already proven to get conversions. You can also increase the display ads with the intent of spreading awareness and getting more leads.

Use the Social Channels to Improve Digital Experience:

Along with the increased search, it is also important to increase the social activity of your website. Not everything that you say leads to a sale. But you can still use this times of turmoil and stay connected with your customers. Show that you are transparent and you care for your customers on an emotional level and this will strengthen your ties and will increase the reliability factor.

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Continue Your Transactions Online:

Your Sitefinity website development should have all the features to maintain a seamless transaction online. If you are not allowing your customers to transact online, then this is the right time to invest in transaction modes. Customers today can no longer wait for a long time due to unprecedented circumstances and prefer to choose online shopping. Your Sitefinity website should accept money for your services and products via many payment modes and accept it from both the desktop and mobile devices.

Offer Discounts and Gift Cards to Keep Your Business Running:

Covid-19 has brought many businesses to halt, but you can still do business with customers by offering them some discounts and gift cards with their purchase. This will have a direct impact on the buyers and they will be more interested in purchasing your products even during the lockdown environment. Since anything that is free is widely accepted by shoppers, you can increase your sales by giving something free. Consider social campaigns to promote your products and this will also help ease your burden.

We have never experienced such a situation before with complete lockdown. Doing nothing is not going to be a successful strategy. This is the right time to invest in your digital marketing strategies, find new ways to engage the customers and keep them coming back for more.