Sitefinity Cloud: CI/CD Capabilities for Increased Productivity and Minimal Risk

4 years ago
sitefinity cloud

User friendly tools, great teamwork and the clever use of latest technologies are the things that you need to succeed in the market. With the digital experiences becoming the key differentiators for modern businesses, the CMS architecture too needs to offer the best digital experiences that demand a CMS having an architecture offering features that are agility, scalability and extensibility.

Sitefinity Cloud:  A Scalable and Secure Paas

The Sitefinity cloud comes with all the infrastructures that are required for developing modern and future proof digital assets. It is an all-round platform as a service that goes beyond the web CMS to deliver the development tools and CI/CD pipelines for minimal risk, zero downtime, confidence and quality. Fully featured in terms of infrastructure and DevOps, this cloud native Sitefinity CMS empowers the developers by automating the deployment process.

It can not only tap into the robust azure infrastructure, but also ensure superior performance and availability of your applications and websites. It is through intelligent use of various tools and service like load balancing, geo replication and autoscaling, that Sitefinity cloud manages the traffic highs and lows and scale the resources based on the workload.

Sitefinity Cloud Solutions Help in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for Content

With Sitefinity cloud, you now have a new content pipeline that helps to promote the content in a safe as well as consistent and error free process. The PaaS architecture is capable of supporting even complex digital strategies and it is by constantly upgrading the Sitefinity CMS development that you can easily take the advantage of the latest and evolving technologies and also meet the customer needs in an increasingly competitive market.  You can also tap into the modern and powerful infrastructure that Sitefinity cloud empowers the development team and content editors.

The content pipeline is a solution that gives the marketers and content publishers similar productivity and independence that they get from code pipelines for CI/CD. Offering the Sitefinity developers a comfortable and secured environment to release the updates faster, it makes sense to use the toolset for the content managers to conceive, execute and also make the adjustments for advanced communication. in brief, Sitefinity cloud offers the right tools in the right hands and allows a Sitefinity development company to deliver the content faster and safer.

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The best thing about Sitefinity cloud is that the developers don’t need to get involved in updating the content and the pipeline is fully configured right out of the box. The content pipeline also takes advantage of the Sitefinity sitesync capability and also saves you the complicated, time consuming and error prone configurations especially the ones in complex multi-instance projects. the entire architecture leverages the advanced capabilities of Azure app service to validate and promote the content from the authoring environment all its way to live.

Sitefinity cloud offers a fully configured additional environment for staging the content and also an automated pipeline to publish the new content. The best part about it is that the developers don’t have to push bits and pieces of updated content and the pipeline is ready to use right out of the box.

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If you want to get the most out of your CMS, then we are Sitefinity partners and can help you to create a feature rich website for your business and host it on secured servers. Our Sitefinity hosting services help to accommodate all sorts of projects efficiently and is responsible for speed, security and reliability.