How to Make Your Magento 2 Website Mobile Friendly for Your Users

4 years ago
How to Make Your Magento 2 Website Mobile Friendly for Your Users

Being mobile responsive is one of the biggest need for all business owners and so high quality images and designs can help to make your store a perfect one for mobiles. Since customers have very little time to go through lots of information all that they want is a highly optimized website that can easily be accessed from any mobile device and allow them to access even on the go. Magento 2 development has always been a powerful platform for ecommerce business and with a variety of functions and extension, it can be easily developed for online business that are looking for a mobile presence.

Why do You Need to Optimize Your Magento 2 Site for Mobile Devices?

Magento 1 was not mobile responsive, but with the release of Magento 2, it has brought a great marketing experience to the brand new level while allowing thousands of entrepreneurs to highly optimize their business for mobile devices and at the same time capture a wide audience base. Since more and more people are becoming tech savvy and using their handheld devices to do a lot of activities than ever before, targeting the mobile audience will help the business attain growth and expansion.

How to Optimise Your Magento 2 Ecommerce Store for the Mobile Users?

Create a Responsive and Eye Catching Design:

Going responsive is no more an option for business owners, it is a must if you want to survive in the competitive market. Going responsive of course has a great impact on the search rankings and also offers a great overall user experience and also enhances the performance of the site. If you have a responsive Magento 2 website design, then the content loads faster on the mobiles thereby, allowing the shoppers to browse the web pages fluidly.

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Use Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP):

You can hire a Magento 2 development company in the U.K.  to create AMPs for your website. AMP is an optimization technology that was introduced by Google. It contains a set of scripts and rules that help to reduce the page load time and increase the performance of the website across various mobile devices. Implementing AMP with Magento store helps to inform Google that the pages are in AMP format which Google prefers.

Optimise the Pages and the Videos:

Both videos and images are usually present on your Magento ecommerce store and this makes it very heavy, but at the same time they are essential to keep the users engaged and understand your products and services in a better manner. Optimising the images and videos will help to reduce the website loading time and help in the performance of your site.

Use Magento Extensions:

Many Magento extensions are available for free and help to enhance the performance of the site. These extensions help to add extra features and functionalities and optimise the site for mobile devices. They provide you with the ease of converting your existing e-store into a mobile one.

Hire Industry Experts:

It is very important that you give your Magento 2 website development project to some reliable and reputed Magento development company. It is only by using their experience and expertise that they can develop a highly optimized mobile friendly website that actually works very well on all the devices.