How to Prepare Your Magento Ecommerce Store for This Holiday Season?

5 years ago
Magento Ecommerce Store

Online shoppers relentlessly wait for the holiday season when online stores offer various discounts and other benefits. With the holiday season approaching, it is time to prepare your Magento store for the huge traffic spike.

It is true that the holiday season presents a great opportunity to reach out to the consumers online and a slightest mistake can take this grand opportunity away from you. So what is it that you should do to make the most out of the season?

Why does the holiday season see a steep rise in online sales?

Holidays are always meant for relaxation and this is the time when people find some time for themselves and to shop according to their own choice. With online shopping becoming popular because of the comfort that it offers, holiday seasons have become the time when record breaking sales take place. Whether it is a stock clearance or sales with heavy discounts, it is always attractive to the shoppers and they find it exciting to use the holiday time for shopping.

Not only this, an extended holiday season also prompts the shoppers to spread out their spending and they don’t feel pressured to shop online. Mobile shoppers too hit websites from their smartphones as mobile order process about 5% faster than other transactions. Since shoppers don’t have to draw clear lines between when they shop using their phones, it increases the traffic on online stores during the holiday season.

Here is how you can optimize your Magento site for your holiday season:

Check for the security of your store:

Don’t let your holiday season hamper your site with cyber-attacks. It is during very high traffic that the rate of cyber-crimes also increase and the majority of the merchants face difficulties in protecting their customers from fraud transactions. It is during this time that they need to ensure high security to the customer transactions by running the site on the latest version of Magento. So upgrade your site to the latest version for best results.

Prepare for heavy traffic:

Spikes or heavy traffic on a website can often prevent the store from operating smoothly during the most critical periods. If you use the Magento commerce development on cloud and can anticipate heavy traffic, then reputed Magento development company in Leeds, UK can help you with robust support. it is recommended to review your infrastructure and make the essential changes for best results.

Monitor the performance:

As you make the essential changes in your Magento eCommerce store, it is important to keep an eye on the performance of the site. It is recommended to use any analytics tool or website monitoring service that can help you to continuously monitor the performance of your site and take essential steps to boost the performance.

Take advantage of online videos

Videos of your products are great means to increase the sales. Once your visitors find the products, they can easily click on the videos to learn more about them and this will give them more clarity about your product. Once they are satisfied, it will help them to make a quick buying decision.

Consider mobile first:

M-commerce is ever growing and it is becoming crucial for brands to adopt the mobile first approach if they want to stay in the market for a long run. A good start would be to ensure an easy access to your site from any mobile device. So try to create a responsive design that fits even the small screen so that shoppers don’t discard your brand message. You can optimize your site for mobile regarding this.