How Using Giveaways can Help Boost Magento Ecommerce Sales

3 years ago
How Using Giveaways can Help Boost Magento Ecommerce Sales

Every shopper loves to get free stuffs and whether it is sample products, discount codes or any other goodies, it is always more than welcome, even if it is something that we don’t need at the moment. Physical stores do it on a regular basis and so online stores should also follow this as it helps to get more customers and ultimately sell more products.

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform that is used to sale products online. And when the powers of giveaways are added to its features, it helps startups to initiate a customer reaction that may not be necessarily conscious.  Customers feel like they are given something and they should consider the products and make a purchase. Also free stuffs or giveaways often make a better marketing tool than discounts and improve the reputation to a great extent with word of the mouth as people talk about freebies on their social media pages.

Things that You can Offer for Free from Your Magento Ecommerce Store:

Free Products on Purchasing Particular Products:

There are various extensions available in the market, which helps in promotions of your site and offers the visitors lots of reasons to become returning buyers. The extensions offer solutions by adding free gifts to cart on the basis of the conditions. You can add gift products for the whole order or for a specific amount of money based or based on the quantity of the same items in the cart.

Free E-Books:

Another free gift that can be considered is an ebook which helps to generate more leads and improve the conversion rates. This means that you have to write an ebook and for that you can consider professional writers who can help you make a great impression on your site visitors, customers or prospective clients.

Free Video Consultation:

You can offer video consultation sessions to your customers regarding any specific products. This will put your customers at ease and they can have a better idea about your products or services. Giving a demo of your Magento store product and then one to one discussions with prospective clients helps to attract more customers.

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Free Trial Period:

This is also a staple of giveaways and acts as a lead-building tool. You can offer your products for free for use during the trial period and a satisfaction guarantee often helps the customers to understand the products better and they are more likely to make a purchase if they are satisfied with the product.

Free Downloads:

This is especially helpful if you are selling some software or developer services. You can make some products free and your customers can come back for more. You can also improve your products by offering some apps or extensions and giving them free is another great means to generate more leads.

Offering free stuffs from your Magento ecommerce site will be a minor expense for you, but it is bound to generate more leads for your business. The core point is to give away something that your business can afford and it has some value or benefit for your customers.

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